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Photos of Kane with a New Look, Out with His Wife

  • David

    The last pic with Edge is a very nice friend/family photo.

  • zip

    He has hair :o

  • RayRay214

    Looks like he did in early 90s as jerry the kings dds

  • Some guy

    So Kane has hair, Taker chopped all of his off…

  • Dino2010

    Never knew Kane had hair! :O
    I wonder if WWE will make him shave when he returns on TV again.

  • Erwin

    I want Masked Kane back!!

  • TonyT

    Awww mannnnn….How am I supposed to watch him on TV now? He looks real “goofy” looking in all of these. LOL!

    I’ll just never be able to see him on TV and think, “OOOOOOOoooo!!! The big red SCARY machine!”

  • adam

    Maybe he will be growing most of his hairy back and possibly bring the mask back. I say they do an inferno match or hardcore match and make henry or someone go crazy on him and it forces him to wear the mask again.

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