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Photos of Stephanie McMahon Walking Runway at NYC Fashion Show

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  • Rob

    Out of respect for jerry lawler..garbage like this should be withheld until we have an update that hes ok

  • Stephanie looks FLAWLESS!!!!!!! She’s so beautiful.

  • matthew

    stephanie always looks awkward

  • David

    First staying on topic stephanie doesn’t look to bad still. But this isn’t really up her alley as much. Now on to Rob.They did update you on jerry you idiot. He had a heartattack and was clinicly dead for 20 mins. He was brought back with a defib. He had surgery and had stints put in. What else do you want Rob? It might not sound right but the show must go on. Always has and always will. The king incident is why older wrestlers such as him shouldn’t be in the ring. Speaking of old rey is getting alil to old to be like he once was again. Also john cena is overrated since around the end of 2008 cuz of his injury and people need to realize when a “wrestler” which I use the term loosley for most of them get older and can’t do things good enough they need to go and let people like The waaaay under used Christian whom was undefeated in single matches and was never pinned or submitted when he was in TNA also another underused from TNA would be R-Truth who was the FIRST EVER black NWA Heavyweight champion when he was in TNA yet him and CC have done nothing hardly in WWE? Next underused talent like Tyson Kidd, Wade Barret , Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhoads, Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Micheal MC. the son of hall of famer Mr. Perfect Curt Henning, Primo & Epico, Hunico, JTG, Drew Mcentyre, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne who’s been suspended sadly twice already,The Usos, Ted Dibiase, Ryback, Yoshi Tatsu, not to mention the top 2 current WRESTLERS Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, Bryan Danielson Aka Daniel Bryan. Other underused people are the divas which is sad since they have Eve, Beth, Natalya, AJ Lee, Tamina, Layla, and used to have the divas they stupidly let go like Melina, Serena Deeb (one of the better women wrestlers there is who got a bad boob job and a nosejob then had them cut off all her hair to be fired?),Mickie James, Maryese, Gail KimN Tara/Victoria, Katie Lea I mean seriously? Why vince WHY NO DIVA MATCHES WORTH A CRAP? Or any matches wrth a crap hardly anymore?

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