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Photos: The New Sin Cara’s Black Mask and Black Outfit

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  • Kris Quinteros

    its Hunico with the new black mask and outfit right?

    • The Original Jeff W.

      His abdomen looks a little pudgy, so I'd say yeah. Mistico is a little more fit than Hunico.

      • David

        Yes, the black outfit is definitely Hunico. He is slightly pudgy, speaks English, and the definition and angle of his traps are different from Mistico's.

        On a side note, I have been very open with my admiration for Mistico (was and is the frickin' man!), but Slater just got buried in that 30 second match. I understand this is WWE's way of showing Mistico's dominance heading into a Sin Cara/Sin Cara match that they have invested time and money into, but damn, no need to COMPLETELY bury the other talent!

  • chris

    is this sin cara

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