Piper Rants on Never Needing a WWE Title, More on Gabriel’s “Sangoma”

- WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper wrote the following on Twitter about never needing a title to get over:

“(1) Last time I was on Smackdown,WWE said Piper never was the WWE champ.I asked why do U keep playing that card. Cause thats all they have.”

“(2) Truth.Roddy Piper never need a belt to get over. It’s business.I have a They Live belt. Nobody has that! I was the 1st!The Rock’s great.”

- We noted yesterday that injured WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel saw a “sangoma” while in South Africa this past week. Gabriel noted that after seeing the practitioner of herbal medicine, he was pain free in his arm. Several fans familiar with “sangomas” were shocked to find out Gabriel visited one and some believed he had to be joking.

A fan wrote to Gabriel on Twitter, shocked to find out that the WWE Superstar had visited a controversial “sangoma.” Gabriel replied:

“gotta try it bro”

  • Chelsii

    As much as I love Justin Gabriel’s in ring ability or that gorgeous face of his. Sangoma sounds like some sort of ‘New Age Medicine’ bullshit. Thought he was better than that.

  • havok

    A sangoma is a practitioner of herbal medicine, divination and counselling in traditional Nguni (Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele and Swazi) societies of Southern Africa. Herbal medicines (muti) are prepared, and depending on the afflicition a number of purification practices can be administered. This can be via the following methods
    Bathing – Herbal mixtures are added to bath water to purify the patient
    Vomitting (Phalaza)- A large volume (up to 2 litres) of a weak, lukewarm herbal infusion is drunk and a process of self-induced vomiting occurs to cleanse and tone the system.
    Steaming (Futha) – Medicinal herbs are commonly inhaled by steaming them in a bucket of boiling water. A blanket is used to cover the patient and container. Hot rocks or a portable stove may be included to keep the bucket boiling. The patient sits under the blanket, breathes in the herbal steam and sweats.
    Nasally – A variety of plants can be taken dried and powdered as snuff. Some are taken to induce sneezing which may traditionally be believed to aid the expulsion of disease. Others are taken for the common conditions such as headaches.
    Enemas – Infusions and some decoctions are commonlly adminsited as enemas. The enema is a preferred route of administration of certain plant extracts, as it is believed they are more effective when administered this way.
    Cuttings (umgaba) – Extracts or powders are directly applied to small cuts, made with a razor blade, in the patients skin….hes not doing anything wrong, hes doing what he can to get healthy. and since hes from a different country, hes doing what he accustomed too. just because you dont know what it is doesnt means its wrong

  • Kerwin Whyte is Jebus

    “New age medicine bullshit”? Chelsii, do you even know what you’re talking about, or do you just call bullshit whatever you don’t know or understand?

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