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Planned Angle for Triple H, R-Truth Out for Several Weeks

– WWE will be re-booking future shows as a result of the broken foot that R-Truth suffered last week and Alberto Del Rio’s concussion. Truth is expected to be out of action for several weeks and there is no word on his official return date as of this writing.

– WWE has an angle planned which involves Triple H appearing at the No Way Out pay-per-view to address his future. WWE hopes this move will add viewers to Raw the next night as opposed to shooting the angle on Raw hoping it will add buys to the PPV.


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  • brandon

    Little Jimmy can still make appearances though, right?

  • Jacob

    I think Kofi should team with Lil’ Jimmy and defent the tag titles in hanicap matches since WWE wants Kofi to be part of the Tag Team Champions so badly.

  • Jacob

    And by defent, I mean defend

  • mikey

    Kofi Kingston does have the right to tag with lil jimmy via the freebird rule. would make some good matches.

  • Gfdrhvbjjj

    They should bring truth back as a heel

  • Big Nic

    WWE trying beat TNA at their game.

  • GunShark

    ^^ That’s what I was thinking.

    “Hey, let’s do things ass-backwards! It’ll work!”

    No, it won’t. Hasn’t worked for TNA, won’t work for WWE. Because it’s fucking stupid.

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