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Plans for MITB Winner, Feud for Elimination Chamber, Rumble Twist, More

– At last word, Money in the Bank is scheduled for WrestleMania 28 with the winner being able to challenge either the World Heavyweight Champion or the WWE Champion at any time.

– There is said to be a major twist planned for the 30-man Royal Rumble match this year, based on the announced idea that every Superstar is eligible to be in the Rumble. This angle was also done to set up at least one planned storyline.

– The latest on the Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust/Dustin Rhodes storyline is that it’s being looked at for February’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Bad News Bro

    My prediction:
    Jericho will be #30, and the ring will be cleared before he even comes out, automatically making him the winner.

    I personally hope that happens for the sheer fact that it’s never been done before and it’d be in key with what Jericho’s been doing. Oh, and because I like to be right.

  • Shocked_n_Awed

    I think Dolf’s the twist – he’ll enter the Rumble as well as having his championship match, and possibly win both.

    God knows what they’re doing with Jericho at this point, but I’m interested. I just think it’s too obvious that he wins the Rumble at this point… having said that, it’s not like they don’t take the easy way out on a fairly regular basis.

  • wwe is garbage

    Even I have to admit that the Jericho angle and the CM Punk angle are very very intriguing. Loving the Jericho thing by the way. Though I may not be watching it as it happens, I am actually trying to keep up with it. I like the direction they are finally going in, but I feel like I need to see more. Its just hard for me to believe that they really are going to begin pushing talent over other stupidity. As I said though, I am liking the current direction

  • Mikey

    HHH wins the Rumble and challenges CM Punk. “Every” superstar, even the inactive ones. Something I read somewhere else suggest the winner of the Royal Rumble would not choose a world title shot, but instead, a match against Undertaker for the Streak. If that’d be the case, then I REALLY want Jericho to win. Jericho and Undertaker is more appealing to me than CM Punk/Jericho, no offense to Punk.

  • Joe

    Most years the rumble winner is heavily featured in storylines leading up to the rumble(Rey, Lesnar, Austin). If a person is said to never get another championship opportunity they win(Benoit, Orton) The absence of hype except for 1 instance led me to predict Takers win. Cena’s surprise entry cost me a prediction but led me to ignore all the fake Michaels hype and predict Edge’s surprise entry and win in 2010. Other determining factors include the position of the rumble on the card(if the rumble winner is a going to be a lesser star than the title match the title match will be last) If one rule is stressed over all the others(BOTH feet must touch the floor mentioned numerous times and factored in the victories of Rock and Michaels) This set of rules has led me to predict most of the past winners since 98 I did however pick Cena over Batista in 05, Austin over Mcmahon in 99, and as mentioned Cena’s return in 08 blindsided me. Taking everything into consideration, this year all signs point to Jericho.

  • Joe

    @Joe: The every superstar is eligible announcement does fall under the “one rule stressed” rule so look for that to be a factor.

  • Bad News Bro

    Also, Ziggler will win MITB. But I’m sure I’m not the only one to foresee that.

  • Wrestling-Geek

    @Bad News Bro: That’s a long shot IMO. And Jericho’s win seems too obvious here, as all the IWC is predicting it, so either wwe is gonna pull a twist there (Jericho leaves the ring as soon as he enters it, like we saw on RAW in 6 man tag-team match) , or we will have someone else as a winner.

  • Jbreed

    Jericho leaving the ring could actually happen. Here’s a twist: CM Punk gets screwed out of the WWE title by John Larinaitis. Punk than enters the RR match and wins by eliminating Mick Foley. Jericho wins the title from Dolph Ziggler next month at the EC PPV than Punk challenges Jericho at WM28.

  • Jbreed

    Or how about this. Jericho leaves the ring during the RR match. Punk, who had gotten screwed out of the WWE title earlier, enters the RR and is the last guy standing in the ring. Jericho, who had never officially been eliminated from the match sneaks back and eliminates Punk. Punk wins the title back at EC and Jericho challenges Punk at WM 28.

  • JR

    Can someone explain the quote ” every superstar is eligible” isn’t that how it always is?

  • Joe

    @JR: sounds to me like a plan to get Punk and Bryan in but with wwe who knows?

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  • Joe

    Maybe Punk retains then wins the rumble and unifyies the Titles at mania and ends the brand extension.

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