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Plans for Ryback’s WWE Future, Mick Foley vs. CM Punk Not Ending at SS?

– Despite Ryback’s loss at WWE Hell In a Cell, the idea is to still push him as a top star and put everything behind him.

– WWE officials have been working on ways to use Mick Foley in the CM Punk storyline and Team Foley vs. Team Punk at Survivor Series may not be the end of their encounters this year.

No word yet if WWE officials are still considering a Foley vs. Punk singles match at December’s TLC pay-per-view.

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  • Lisa

    Hey guys i’m a fucking bitch who has no life. I am pretending to be a girl when in reality i am a faggot who would like to suck Cm Punk’s dick.

  • Lisa

    It would be a disgrace if that match actually took place and that asshole beat the Hardcore Legend. It would without a doubt be the most disgusting booking ever.

  • Jeff

    Lisa for once can you please STFU?You are a PG-ERA Fan who hates punk only cause he is a heel,I bet when he was face you were sucking up to him…smh

  • Fritz

    why do you dumbasses keep responding to the troll?

  • Lisa

    Jeff, I have never been a fan of that asshole and never will be. From your comment I would conclude that you are very stupid because some of the assumptions you are making are baseless and laughable. You actually think that I hate Punk because he is a heel? How old do you think I am, 5? I am 18 you idiot and I’ve been watching and keenly following wrestling for as long as I can remember. I know everything to do with pro wrestling as I’ve attended over 40 WWE events and tapings over the years and watched every single PPV, Smackdown and Raw since 1999. I have also been reading dirtsheets for almost a decade now. You should be ashamed of yourself you moron.

  • Joseph

    It would be a disgrace if Foley beat Punk.It will be bad enough when Punk has to lose to a guy that has had 2 matches in 8years, but to lose to somebody as out of shape and sloppy as Foley would be a kick in the nuts.

  • Christian

    unfortunately , i think the way wwe is pushing ryback
    he might be the royal rumble winner next year

  • SDotC

    @Christian and if that’s the case, they’ll probably have him beat Ziggler for the WHC in 3 seconds.

  • Jbreed

    I think Mick Foley is one of the few old inactive wrestlers who we could count on to be brought in and put a current talent over. He’s not an egomaniac like Triple H or The Rock.

  • Mareen

    Rock is not an egomaniac. He has only won one match since the return, we don’t know what his intentions are. I bet he will put over Punk at RR.

  • rob

    That explains it all…the cunt is only 18 and doesn’t suck dick…

  • rob

    @Mareen He has only won one match because he only fucking had one match……

  • Manny

    Rock won both matches he’s had: the tag match against Truth and Miz ans WM with Cena

  • 2caras

    A Como se creen lmao @ ONLY 18

  • Jack

    Their is dick sucking in this thread!!!! thumbs up if you want to suck my dick.

  • Seriously? A PPV match for this?

  • If they can make a Raw match with Vince, they should just make a RAW show with Foley….if this match is going to be the main event for TLC…..smh

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