Pop Quiz from Brad Maddox, WWE Fans Predict SS Matches, ECW Original Injured

- Brad Maddox gave a pop quiz to fans on Twitter yesterday:

“Pop quiz: Whos the only man to last longer than ME against @Ryback22? A. @CMPunk B. @TheRock C. @tomhanks (also, only ones a better actor)”

“I feel like most of you are pretty dumb. The answer is: A. @CMPunk The ONLY man living or dead to last longer against Ryback that me #secondbestintheworld”

– Jerry Lynn was scheduled to work last night’s Extreme Rising internet pay-per-view but did not as he has been dealing with an injury.

– WWE asked fans who would win at tonight’s Survivor Series pay-per-view – Team Foley or Team Ziggler. Fans chose Team Foley with 80% of the vote. They also asked who will win the WWE Divas Title match tonight – Eve Torres or Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn won with 72% of the vote.

  • Opie

    My Predictions for the “Winners” at SS

    Antonio Cesaro
    Team Foley
    Big Show
    CM Punk

  • Opie

    Never Mind on Team Foley, I predict Team Ziggler is going to win because on Team Foley you’ve got Team Hell No who can’t get along at times then you’ve got Miz & Orton who can’t get along at all since Randy RKO’ed Miz on SmackDown. Team Ziggler you’ve got some of the best in the WWE today: Ziggler, Barrett, Sandow, Del Rio & Rhodes who can’t compete at SS which sucks, I just hope somebody good replaces Rhodes

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