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Popular YouTube Personality Says John Cena Denied His Request For A Photo

Ed Bassmaster, who has amassed over 230 million views on his hidden camera prank themed YouTube channel, stated Tuesday on Facebook that John Cena denied his request for a photo opportunity on Tuesday while riding a shuttle bus with the WWE Superstar at Tampa International Airport.

“So I’m at the airport in Tampa and I get on the shuttle bus. It’s just me and John Cena. I ask him for a quick pic and he says “I’m on my way home” without even making eye contact with me. Thanks John, it wasn’t for me. It was for my 4 year old little nephew. My three year olds John Cena doll is going in the trash when I get home,” wrote Bassmaster.

Bassmaster issued an apology Thursday shortly after news broke that Cena had filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart and wife of three years, Elizabeth Huberdeau.

“Never judge a book by its cover. John Cena filed for divorce today. Evidently he had good reason to be short and unpleasant towards me. I apologize for my statement, and the doll will not go in the trash,” he wrote.

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  • Rg41982

    Wow cena hates kids now? Exclusive story on wnz.

  • CTFxC

    Would’cha look at that? (Edbassmaster FTW)

  • What a coincidence because I’m a big fan of Ed Bassmaster Also im starting to see why people hate cena, atleast you could of been more respectful and looked the guy in the eye when speaking

  • Jimmy

    If you were divorcing your wife and she was going to try to get the majority of your money/property, you wouldn’t be the peachiest of moods either, so I understand why Cena didn’t bother to make eye contact.

  • Adam

    Celebrities need their time of privacy. You don’t own them, they owe you nothing. You never know what they are going through, and making a big thing out of it only made this guy look like a crybaby and a jerk.

  • Later Marks

    Why does this Bassmaster guy feel so entitled?
    Having a ton of youtube subscribers does not make you important but using those subscribers to bully people who don’t have time to give you attention does make you a dick.

  • Mayback

    The first three comments are stupid,Let’s see you going thru a tough divorce and some guy just comes up to you when your mind is just occupied with a lot of hard stuffs and see if you would look the guy in the eye to say whatever you want to say

  • Jay

    absolute trollbait for the cena haters. i love it. they all just got bitchslapped.

  • Jay

    Forgot to mention im the dude responsible for the divorce, His wife found out me n John were more than just friends and she grossed out on him.
    :) Im happy and Gay yay yay yay!

  • Daniel

    When CM Punk said he doesn’t do stuff for people at the airport he said John doesn’t either, he wouldn’t have regardless of his divorce.

  • Mikey

    This report’s headline is completely misleading, since it didn’t mention this guy apologizing to Cena. Some people read only what they want to read. In this case, everything except the apology and the bit on Cena’s divorce.

  • Rg41982

    Learn to take a joke losers. Who cares about a rich mans divorce. I care about him wrestling 5 star matches. I don’t give a shit bout his wife or life.

  • mememe

    ” …My three year olds John Cena doll is going in the trash when I get home,” wrote Bassmaster.

    Apology or not, that is some classy parenting right there.

  • anonymous

    Oh look another douchebag trying to get famous by doing something stupid on youtube instead of getting a real job.

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