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Possible Matches For WWE RAW

There were two matches originally planned for Sunday night’s WWE Payback event, but they were scrapped at the last minute, according to Pwinsider.com.

Becky Lynch vs. Emma and Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio were supposed to take place at the event. No word yet on why the matches did not take place at the show. 

Lynch and Emma have been feuding on social media for the last few week’s while Del Rio turned on Sheamus last week on SmackDown, which broke up the League of Nations group.

It’s very possible that these two matches will take place on Monday’s episode of RAW. With only two week’s of build up for the Extreme Rules PPV, it’s also possible that these two matches will also take place at the event.

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  • bigfoot3169

    If Emma vs Becky happens, then it should be a submission match. As much as I’d like to see something grittier with the women’s division, like tables, ladders and/or chairs, these two doesn’t warrant anything crazier than the sub match.

    Maybe Charlotte vs Nattie in a ladder match or Sasha vs Paige in a table match, but Idk of any other women who should do an extreme match.

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