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Possible Names Revealed for New WWE Saturday Morning Show

WWE recently issued a follow-up survey to fans who responded to their survey about a potential Saturday morning series. Here is a list of the possible names listed in the new survey.

* WWE Saturday Morning Slam

* WWE Jakked

* WWE Amp’d

* WWE Supercharge

* WWE Turbocharge

It should be noted that “Jakked” was a name used by WWE for one of their minor series years ago.

  • rob


  • RKO

    WWE Saturday Morning Slam obviously fits perfect

  • jerichoholic3

    amp’d doesnt sound to bad…

  • Hawkins

    Veloci….oh wait…..

  • Mareen

    Yea, what Hawkins said.

  • DeanDuck

    WWE Saturday Morning Constitutional. :)

  • Zack Ryder

    How about…

    WWE Weekend Jobbers Happy Hour?

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