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Possible Spoiler on the WWE United States Title and SummerSlam

– We noted before that Heath Slater vs. Kofi Kingston was taped last night in Austin, Texas as the first match for WWE’s new Saturday Morning Slam show that debuts on August 25th, the Saturday after WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. That match saw WWE United States Champion Santino Marella come out for commentary and he had the US Title belt with him.

This could be a sign that Santino will retain the United States Title against Antonio Cesaro in the SummerSlam YouTube pre-show match this coming Sunday, August 19th. It’s always possible that WWE could not show Santino on Saturday Morning Slam or do some other kind of editing if they decide to have Cesaro win the title in the SummerSlam pre-show match.

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  • Joseph

    How in the hell is Santino a champion?

  • Muscleman

    This is hardly news because the US title is esentially meaningless these days. Santino and the booking staff have killed the last remaining piece of prestige of the once prestigeous strap.

  • rob

    “FAWKING BULLSHIT” to qoute the iron sheik….why keep the title on a comedy wrestler who is getting squashed on weekly television..

  • glitch

    i find it laughable that the wwe is STILL passing off a unrealistic cobra strike as a legit way of KOing your opponent. the fact that they are letting any of their mid card talent lose to this move is a disgrace in itself to the business.

  • brandon

    Glitch obviously never heard of the mandible claw.

  • Mindy

    mandibe claw was better

  • WWF

    true mindy and the mandible claw is an actual nerve hold, and maybe if they done something like who ever he does the cobra on should act like they are having trouble breathing

  • WWF

    and i dont like him with the US title but i did like the Honk a meter

  • Zack Ryder

    what about kofi? did he have the tag title with him? threy usually carry that around even when they are alone…

  • GunShark

    Don’t blame Santino. He doesn’t book matches. He’s a comedy wrestler who got over with the fans. WWE decided to put the US strap on him as a result, and WWE is responsible for the way he’s horribly booked, for never defending the title, and not having any proper storylines involving the US title. Place the blame where it truly belongs. Santino just does as he’s told. That’s what they pay him for.

    Something people might not realise is Santino can actually wrestle. WWE has him saddled with the comedy gimmick, so all he can do is goofy shit. If WWE let the reigns loose, and let him show what he truly can do, I think you’d be surprised, and also mad at WWE for not doing it sooner.

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