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WWE Money In The Bank PPV Current Betting Odds

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WWE Money in the Bank PPV will take place on June 19th, 2016 at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. The show will air on the WWE Network and some traditional pay-per-view outlets. Here are the betting odds for the event:

– WWE Title Match: Roman Reigns is -375 to Seth Rollins at +240

– Singles Match: AJ Styles is -200 to John Cena at +150

– MITB Match: Kevin Owens is -140, then Dean Ambrose at +250, then Chris Jericho at +600, Cesaro at +900, Sami Zayn at +1800, and Alberto Del Rio at +2500.

– Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Title Match: New Day is -160 to The Club at +200, Enzo & Cass at +550, and The Vaudevillians at +1800

РUnited States Title Match: Rusev is -650 to O’Neil at +375

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  • Kiwi

    *Rolls eyes*

  • The Shockmaster

    Wait, what?

  • Fred Rogers

    Jesus, Ravens. Betting odds are now considered possible spoilers?


      Andrew Ravens probably drools while eating play doe and Elmer’s glue

  • Z….

    I feel like there would be great value on Cena, Ambrose, and Bullet Club at those odds lol…I think it could be argued that this is interesting info to have heading into the ppv. I dont know if I’d call them spoilers, but I dont think I would have ever guessed that AJ Styles is the favorite in his match with Cena, for example.

  • Lemmy Is God

    And how are these spoilers


      It’s not,just click bait from a bunch of lazy bums who don’t wanna leave their mommy’s basement and get a real job.


    Holy hell this site is complete garbage. Whoever owns this piece of trash site should be ashamed of themselves. Nothing but click bait,multi page “articles” that can be on one page,and constant errors. You guys are so worried about making a buck maybe you should get a real job. Leave “journalism” in the hands of the real pros,because you clowns are far from that. I’ll probably get banned for this,but idgaf. Ravens needs to be fired,the guy is a semi functional —– at best.

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    I’m betting all on Alberto Del Rio. LoL!

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    This is why I only read Dorathy articles SMH

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    Ravens’ service contract with WNZ must be iron clad!

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