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Praise for Renee Young, NXT Promo Class Videos Leak, Ranjin Singh

– During the recent dance contest on SmackDown, JBL mentioned Ranjin Singh falling into a fire. That is a true story as a few months back, Ranjin (writer David Kapoor) had to take some time off the road because he fell into a fire.

– There has been a lot of talk about how good Renee Young is in her role with the company, specifically after the Total Divas reunion show.

– WWE officials were not happy with videos leaking from a NXT “Presentations Skills” class this past week, showing some of the talents working on their promos. It was noted that most leaks happen on Monday or Tuesday, which are travel days.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Abudadein

    Renee Young was also excellent in her role on The Score, where she played the role of a legitimate wrestling fan. Seriously, she really pulled it off and fooled a lot of people into thinking she really liked wrestling.

    • tt2000

      Are you saying she’s not really into wrestling? I find that very very hard to believe.

      • Abudadein

        Yes, I am. Week after week, I would watch her discuss RAW with Jimmy Korderas and Arda Ocal, and never once did I see anything that looked remotely genuine or authentic from Renee Paquette. I also believe she has little to no knowledge of the history of wrestling, and if you were to ask her about Georgia Championship Wrestling or the World Wrestling Council, all you’d get is a vapid look. Next time WWE Vintage Collection is on, notice how disingenuous she comes across chatting with Mean Gene about the good ol’ days. Gene is real, and Renee Young is as phony as Kelly Ripa, and it’s never more evident than on Vintage Collection.

        • tt2000

          Of course she wouldn’t know anything about puerto rico or georgia championship wrestling. i dont either, that doesnt mean she doesnt like wrestling or isn’t really a fan.

          • Abudadein

            And that’s certainly fine if you’re not familiar with those territories, that I’m guessing predates the time period in which you began watching wrestling. But in Renee’s case, I feel she was highly underqualified to be on television, week after week, sitting down with fans who have the knowledge base and expertise of Arda Ocal and Jimmy Corderas. They would often share tremendous insight from eras gone by, bridging the past with the present, while Renee laughed along in agreement, pretending like she understood the references when it was obvious that she didn’t. When she did chime in, it was often very superficial and Kelly Ripa-ish, commenting on CM Punk’s new hair cut or Brodus Clay’s new tights. “Ewwwww…..I’m not likin’ the moustache. He needs to shave that off!” she said of Cody Rhodes one time. Yeah, thanks your contributions, Renee. Then, to see her standing beside Mean Gene on Vintage Collection reminds me of Bob Barker and his beauties on the Price is Right. Simply put: I think Renee is no more a genuine wrestling fan than most weather girls are meteorologists.

          • Darsow44

            Having seen the Renee’s pre-WWE work, I’m inclined to agree with this assessment. Having admired her physical charms, however, I’m also inclined to forgive her superficial wrestling knowledge. And really: what are the odds that a beautiful woman would ALSO have deep wrestling knowledge? Does such a mythical creature even exist? Doubtful. She is eye-candy. And like all candy, she doesn’t provide much nourishment, but you crave it anyway.

        • Bork Lazer Living Legend

          Hoe fucking old are you? You sound so old judging by the wrestling you talk about.

          • Darsow44

            How young are you? You sound so young judging by the juvenile way you express yourself. Like, toddler young.

        • SdotC

          Wow dude, you don’t even realize how ridiculously smug you sound, do you? I’m a big wrestling fan, and I’m not THAT educated on WWC or GCW. And I didn’t start watching til the early 90s, but guess what? I don’t feel like an inferior wrestling fan because I didn’t dig through every bit of old-school wrestling. Can you tell me what Tiger Mask I’s best match was, and the best feuds in Japan during the 60s or what Gory Guerrero’s best match in Mexico was? Well I bet Shawn Michaels can’t answer those questions, so I guess you love wrestling more than he does, right? Jeez, man! And even if you CAN, you don’t get props for that, you seem like someone who should apply yourself elsewhere. I consider myself above-average in my knowledge of wrestling, but I can also say the same about 1000 different topics and hobbies ranging from different periods in art, philosophy, military strategy, music, literature, and literally 100s more topics. But if someone says “Yeah I never read Kierkegaard’s ‘Either/Or'”, I won’t say “well then you obviously don’t know the first thing about philosophy!” Why? Because I’m not smug. And though it may seem like it, I’m NOT judging you, I’m just saying you really came across poorly in your comments on this page. How long HAVE you been watching? Do you apply this knowledge into the craft? How many matches did you have? Are they on YouTube? Did you ever announce? Do you have any experience that you could take to Stamford, assuming you also have the charisma, charm, speaking ability and at least a passable look which you think might afford you a job in WWE? If not, then what the hell are you on about anyway!?

          Gene had years in the business before he truly became Mean Gene. I like Renee. She fits in, she has a sweet, charming demeanor, seems attentive to the wrestlers, and she’s just likeable. But then again, I don’t sit there analyzing her interviews, asking myself “I wonder how much this woman knows about CMLL?”, and I wouldn’t rip her a new one if she didn’t give me an answer that was up to the standard I created and somehow felt she needed to live up to. How much knowledge do you think Trish Stratus had in 2000? Remember how bad she was on the mic? I bet she still couldn’t tell you about WWC, either.

          Your posts on this page are the most trivial, smug, unwarranted passing of judgment you possibly could have given Renee. Again, I don’t know you, but as for how you sound here, it’s terrible.

          • Abudadein

            You did an excellent job expressing your ideas, and made some very good points. Thank you for that. But let me be clear, I never claimed to love wrestling more than the next person. I was simply sharing my observations of watching a television personality in their portrayal of a wrestling fan.

          • Darsow44

            Isn’t “Either/Or” the seminal philosophical tome in which Kierkegaard examines the deep existential conundrum of whether Dusty should have saved Cody’s job or Dustin’s? Nietzsche, on the other hand, was far more blunt on the matter: “Goldust is Dead.”

        • UMpunkBLN

          hurrrr I am old as f*ck I know stuff…shut up

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