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Press Release: Rebellion Media Acquires

Rebellion Media Acquires
High-Traffic Website Expands Company’s Sports & Entertainment Portfolio

Waterloo, ON – November 6, 2012 – Rebellion Media continues to expand its network of sports and entertainment properties with the acquisition of, a popular professional wrestling news website. The company’s sports and entertainment network now boasts traffic of more than 5 million monthly visitors.

“WrestleNewz is a natural fit with our broad mixed martial arts portfolio,” said Ted Hastings, Rebellion Media’s CEO. “Together, our sports sites are a tremendous network for advertisers to reach an affluent male audience.”

Rebellion Media plans to apply its TRACE technology – its proprietary traffic, revenue and content engine – to further boost traffic, improve user engagement and increase revenue on WrestleNewz.

Since its launch in 2006, has built a strong following by providing up-to-the-minute wrestling news. Other sites in Rebellion’s sports portfolio include,,,,,,,,, and

About Rebellion Media
Rebellion Media is a Waterloo-based digital media company with a portfolio of high- performing websites and mobile applications in four key verticals: health & wellness, sports, entertainment and technology. The company powers its properties with TRACE, a proprietary traffic, revenue and content engine. It seeks to acquire successful digital brands, then supercharge their traffic, user engagement and revenue using TRACE. To learn more about the rebellion now underway, please visit

For more information:
Mark McArdle, COO
[email protected]
519-827-1999 x2008

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  • Adam

    Awesome. Congrats. Bigger media getting into wrestling.

  • Brandon

    Good maybe they’ll do some moderating around here, and get rid of some of the trash on this site.

  • Adam

    It should help to improve the professionalism of the site, and provide more resources so there is more and better quality articles, and hopefully a better layout.

  • Chelsii.

    And maybe they’ll hire me

  • 2caras

    And yet again plain n simple n now it’ll b like that other site formerly known as impact wrestling

  • Chelsii.

    I didn’t think this site was even worth $5.

    But yeah, now they can ban Lisa and this Facebook trash.

  • RKO

    What’s with all this Facebook crap on these comments?

  • matthew

    whos all these pg loosers liking this on face book annoying

  • GN-0015

    Is this the end of Real Kosher-Marc Middelton & Lisa-CM Punk feuds?

  • Real Kosher

    hahahah hell no!!! maybe now they will fire marc middletons ass!!!! they can’t hold me down I shall rebel against the rebellion…media…lol…on the real though congrats thats pretty tight…even though I give you shit for posting shit

  • well. im not sure if i like this or not. hopefully steve carrier, daniel pena, and Marc Middelton will still have thier jobs and post all the news. i hope it doesnt change too much because WNZ has been in my life for over 2 years now….ill be sad if i have to find a new site

  • rob

    Is this why theres all this facebook spam

  • Mick

    How is a wrestling news site a natural fit to their “MMA portfolio?”

  • Austin

    Austin liked Vagina on Facebook

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    So this is why we see so many fb ads on comment section.. Well this sucks.. fuck you Rebellion…

  • Roger

    Sigh… I always liked the way that this site was seedy and a little dirty. I’m certainly not interested in a ‘professional makeover’ if it means that everything is linked with Facebook and pointless spam.

  • The Big B

    hey that’s my hometown! Weird!

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