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Problems Continue for TNA, More on AJ Styles’ Contract Situation, Impact

– Tonight’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling will feature Sting vs. Bully Ray in the main event, a Last Chance Gauntlet match with all 12 Bound For Glory Series competitors, Chris Sabin’s return, a special performance by Mickie James and more.

– As noted, AJ Styles has signed a three-month contract extension with TNA. AJ’s original contract with TNA called for raises each year. The new contract they were trying to get him to sign called for no raises and locked him in at his current salary. TNA did not give him a contract cutting his money. Both sides essentially agreed to at least work together until the end of this year, then they will see how or if the landscape has changed.

– Internally, there all kinds of questions being asked about the state of TNA. The situation is described as feeling similar to the end of the original ECW. A lot of people are still behind on pay, or at least were as of the last set of Impact tapings, particularly on the production side. Those issues, combined with Dixie Carter skipping the tapings to attend a college football game, led to all kinds of questions being asked about their future.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Trey Doss

    far as i know the only difference is tna has been giving out loads of money to the vultures like hogan and bischoff and signing mma fighters who wont even wrestle

    • Daniel_P1

      The $ spent on guys like Hogan, Bischoff, and these mma guys wouldn’t save a sinking company (if that is the case with TNA at the moment); but it still could’ve been used on hiring better talent, or used as pay raises for people who deserve it like AJ and others that actually contribute to TNA. Hell, a better way to spend that money is to hire writers with fresh ideas or any people that could help TNA in a backstage role.

      • Trey Doss

        yeah that’s what i just said i just forgot to mention that is/was the reason this article makes perfect sense

      • jcice13

        look I completely understand what you’re saying but if they didn’t give the money to the guys you mentioned and kept the crew they let go their ratings would still be low and their live shows still wouldn’t draw and the PPVs would still have low buy rates. and when you say hire better writers??? of course you’re correct but I don’t think it’s so easy, if it was the WWE would have awesome story lines right, and most of theirs either are retreaded or just plain nonsensical, bar a select few. they, TNA, missed their best opportunity back a while ago by not either hiring heyman or at least listening to him when he gave them free advice as to how to start from scratch and build a better product.

  • tmeister

    Well I might be picking up the rise and fall of impact wrestling dvd soon

    • stevewiser

      You’re crazy if you think TNA has ,excuse the pun, made enough of an impact on pro wrestling to warrant a DVD documentary. Matter fact the biggest way they could make an impact is to fail because it would create a huge void and greatly limit the amount of opportunities for people to make a living off wrestling. If they went belly up tomorrow the only thing anybody would ever say about TNA was how amazing it was that they could be so poorly ran the company was from day 1 and yet they still managed to stick around for 10+ years. I mean they aren’t even a real wrestling company, they’re just a privately owned TV show.

      • tmeister

        Well dang hahaaaha

      • Z….

        Since you deleted your other post, I’m gonna respond here…I’m not even gonna waste my time copy/pasting the proof that you are wrong about where the company was before Hogan came in…you’re just a hater, which makes no sense, considering TNA succeeding should be what every wrestling fan wants. They succeed, it gives another place guys can go, and it makes WWE have to be better b/c they cant get away with the garbage they spew as easily…

        • stevewiser

          I didn’t delete any post, my post probably got deleted because I cursed. You sound like a TNA d¡ck rider who got his heart broken. I’m not a “hater” (only idiots use that term, what are you Puff Daddy) I just dislike the product immensely. I do want TNA to survive and flourish, the wrestling industry needs TNA to flourish. But that doesn’t change the fact that TNA sucks, has always sucked, and unless major changes are made to their philosophy and how they operate, will always suck. There’s been glimmers of hope; Samoa Joe vs Angle, Roode’s title reign, Aeries turning in the Xdivision title to beat Roode for the HWC, etc. I enjoyed those angle immensely. But they ALWAYS go back to the corny NWOesque outsider invasion that never works. Everytime they start picking up a little steam they create a new faction (usually with WWE rejects)that starts to dominate their entire show and it completely sucks the life out of it. Aces and Eights is like the 15th incarnation of this angle, this time they just happen to be a biker gang because Bischoff thinks he’s a tough guy and has a fetish for guys in leather.

          But hey thanks a lot for “proving me wrong” (how exactly you disprove an opinion is beyond me) about TNA sucking under Jeff and Jerry Jarrett. You totally won this “debate” and I’m just a mean old hater because I have a different opinion than you. I mean you’re a wrestling GOD how could anybody have a diffdrent opinion than you???? Suck it easy, fat man. Explain to me how TNA thriving is going to mean WWE can’t “get away with spewing garbage?” I doubt you’re old enough to actually remember when the wrestling business was thriving, but WWE has been putting on sh¡t shows for decades, even when there was major competition. TNA can’t change that, all they can do is offer an alternative but they’re to busy being Sports Entertainment lite to realize that.

          • Z….

            you said that they were never good before Hogan, and then bring up all the same issues that we all bring up about the dumb things Hogan has done. I’m not arguing any of that with you…I’ll just copy/paste what I was referring to from the time before Hogan was in…

            they were profitable for about 2 years and were drawing 1.3 ratings consistently, and, especially in the last couple of months before Hogan came in, the wrestling product was amazing. 5 star matches with Kurt Angle vs Nigel back to back months with multiple other great matches on the card. They were just gradually gaining more and more steam, building stars and putting on great matches. Even the promo work was better during that time and as I said, ratings had been consistently at 1.3s for a while so over time, they could have possibly been much better by now with an almost 4 year progression, not to mention the money they would have had during that time span. Ever since Hogan, its been all down hill. ratings plummeted for awhile and they still arent even back to the consistent 1.1 rating they got for a few years, PPV buys plummeted, and now they only have 4 of them +8 other one night PPVs that dont make money. They spend a ton more when they are live and now they are out of the impact zone weekly. Their debt right now is actually greater than WCWs was when Vince bought them out. Dixie Carter and Panda Energy are just too oblivious to notice or just too stupid to care. The product in the ring and storyline wise is also not good. Thankfully the roster is still good enough to make it more watchable than WWE (though that’s not saying much, and I personally don’t watch either of them), and there are still those few guys like AJ, Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Roode, Christopher Daniels, etc, etc, etc. to put on great matches and carry the whole product. Hogan has turned TNA into more of a sports entertainment company, kind of like exactly the style WWE does except tv-14. The only problem is that the whole point of TNA was that it wasnt WWE! They got rid of everything that was TNA. Now they might actually lose AJ Styles b/c of this guy. Hogan 100% killed TNA.

          • stevewiser

            U MAD?

          • Z….

            I dont understand what I’m mad about. I was simply answering your post. You are the one that randomly attacked me in your post for no reason, especially when I’m agreeing with the majority of what you were saying…

          • Z….

            also to answer your last question…During the Monday Night Wars (which I understand cant be compared to now for obvious reasons) WWF had to step up their game to stay alive at one point. They obviously did that, considering it is the era that most point to as being the best time in the business, WWE is already an established global entity, with no competition, which pretty much allows them to put out the garbage product that they do, while still making the type of money that they do, and not seeing too much of a decrease in viewership. If they had some competition, they’d have to step up their game. Obviously, things would never get to the point they were in the Monday Night Wars where WWE was pretty much ridiculously close to going under, but I think if they saw another company thriving, they’d say to themselves that we can easily do this better than them. Thats all I’m saying

  • Macho Man

    Well Dixie just said everything’s just fine and peachy! As I have stated before, the more I hear Dixie Carter talk the more I realize she has absolutely no idea what goes on within TNA! And people wonder why TNA is where it is right now!

    • Trey Doss

      she probably never is there

  • showoff

    She can fire em n actually pay the production crew

  • jcice13

    I said a while back that they were sinking with no end in sight but I didn’t know they were missing paychecks, when one reads that a LOT of people are missing paychecks? well that is the last nail in the coffin and unless panda wants to spend good after bad? it looks like the only way they’ll survive is being a tv show with the leanest of rosters. I still think their best chance to make money is an all lady promotion

  • Z….

    to go from where they were at the end of 2009 until now…good thing they brought in hogan and continue to listen to him and lose more and more and more money…Hope you’re happy Hogan. You have successfully torn down Jeff Jarrett’s company and got back at Russo. Clearly that was your plan all along, b/c nobody could possibly be as stupid as he has been, except of course for Dixie Carter, who is too oblivious to see it

  • Richie

    Dixie needs to get her head out of her ass and her lips off of Hogan’s behind! Letting Hogan go at this point would be a big step in cost cutting and perhaps allow them to get out of the hole with the pay situations of other employees…she also needs to step aside and get Jeff Jarrett back on board and allow him to do the major decision making, the way it used to be! With her calling the shots, i definitely do not see much of a future for TNA at this point!

  • Danny Morgan

    the title surely describes the first line of the article . . . .bully ray vs sting in the main event. Now I like them both, both veterans, great characters work hard etc. However I’m not interested to see this mainly because I want to see fresh faces. the company need to spotlight other talent every week not sting and Hogan. It annoys me because me and friends of mine became very excited when Roode got the title started his reign and there seemed to be a new corner turning. for the first time since 2005 I was excited about TNAs future but guess what we go back to Hogan/ sting/ Devon having spots on the card that should be giving to rising stars. If I watch wwe I expect to see Bryan, Punk, ZIggler, Shield, Cena, Orton with many other over talent . . I know whose there. When I switch on TV to impact I’m thinking here we go another boring Hogan promo about his daughter, something about Dixie, aces and eights who all they really need is chuck palumbo in biker gear to join the group to complete their group. Just get your spotlight, mic time and main events on styles, roode, aries, joe, magnus and on the X division

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