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Problems with The Rock Winning WWE Title, Elimination Chamber, More Backstage News

– WWE officials are faced with two issues right now as far as The Rock winning the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble goes.

One is that The Rock winning the WWE Title will mean there are no WWE Title defenses at any live events for a three-month period.

They will also have to work out with The Rock whether or not he will be available for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and whether they want him to work that event. Those details may have already been worked out as it was a topic largely talked about among some of the WWE talents this past week.

It’s coming down to the wire in terms of needing to have a set plan and commitments to dates considering the hectic movie promotion schedule Rock has in early 2013.

With the challenges they are facing, it’s said that nothing has changed – the plan is still for The Rock to win the WWE Title at Royal Rumble, from CM Punk, and main event at WrestleMania 29, possibly against John Cena.


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  • Opie

    CM Punk should be Main Eventing WM 29 Not Rock vs Cena 2 again!

  • I

    BU! No Cena vs. Rock Part II

  • Lugi

    What happened to “Once in a lifetime”? I really dont want to see another Rock vs Cena match again I would much rather see Rock vs Brock at Wrestlemania, in my opinion that match would draw

  • GN-0015

    Maybe this time they’ll have Mike Chioda screw The Rock……..

  • Lisa

    Hahahahaha. CM Punk ass-kissers moaning like kids. It looks like I am gonna have the last laugh. Rock wins the title from that asshole CM Punk at the RR and then my two favorites Cena and Rock collide at WM 29, with Cena winning the gold. That’s gonna be great.

  • Again, Im against the idea of have Rock win the WWE title against Punk @ RR cause almost every WWE champion gets to keep the title WM, so have him win the RR match, then John Cena gets the title from Punk @ EC, then finally, have Rocky win the title @ WM 29, thus finally having the WWE title change hands to the winner, who is not John Cena, but the People’s Champion himself. :)

  • Ste Clark

    would it not have been easier for him to just win the rumble then he goes straight to mania wins the title and then whatever happens

  • Kevin

    Thought Rock vs Cena was suppose to be Never be for, Never again

  • vasp

    I don’t mind Cena vs Rock 2.I just don’t like that CM Punk won’t main event Wrestlemania after holding Raw on his back for almost a year.

  • Brent989

    Ic Lisa is a fan of roided up no talent nimrods like cena. What a bagels of moves he has fucking 6? I am no cm punk mark but come on really? They had their match already. Census does have excellent Mic skills and works his ass off I will say that. I understand that things change over the last 27 years I have followed wrestling but the fact that the wwe is regurgitating Rock vs cena 2 is predictable and sickening. And IMO Lisa you are ten times worse of a fan girl loser mark than anyone. I have heard ppl complain bout chellsii but you seem like a worse mark on here than anyone.

  • Gasparilla

    I still would like to see Rock vs Cena vs Punk headline Wrestlemania, to me that could be an epic match and while it would be two rematches of sorts it wouldn’t be a straight up rematch. Plus it would keep who wins at Wrestlemania more of a surprise and not as predictable.

  • Brent989

    Bag not bagels lol damn phone

  • Brent989

    And cena not census

  • Kayfabe fan

    Why the fuck does rock need the title in the first place
    Fuck u wwe for an ass kisser to that movie star


    I think they should drug test him first, he’s been looking kind of jacked lately……..

  • Kayfabe fan

    Fucking botch … I mean ” for being “

  • Rybork Laserback

    Stupid Idiots. No one wants Cena vs Rock again. Specially for the WWE Title. It will be predictable AS HELL that this time Cena will win, and that Rock has no chance of staying so he’ll lose the WWE Title. It will be one of the most predictable WM main events of all time. What they need, is to go the safe way and have Punk retain at Royal Rumble. Then he can go into WM as 500 day champ against Cena and Rock in a triple-threat, where Cena can possibly get back his victory.

  • Mick

    I totally forgot about the house show side of Rock being WWE champion. They either need a big non title feud, with a CM Punk or John Cena on the bill, or some big tag match (say a 6 man) of stars where the faces win and send the fans home happy.

    There’s also newer news coming in revealing Rock to have a pretty busy early 2013, and all these makes me think Rock shouldn’t be WWE champion at Royal Rumble. Meaning Punk should retain somehow, and then work in a 3 way between Rock/Punk/Cena at Wrestlemania, with Punk STILL WWE champion. That’d be awesome.

  • SoWii

    Yeah that’s awesome! Let Punk hold the title till rumble, become the longest reigning champion in 25 years.
    Then lose it to a part-time wrestler, lose the rematch.
    And won’t even be able to mainevent WM!
    What a splendid idea! This decision will certainly help the company in the long run!

  • Lisa

    Having read all the comments above, I ‘ve come to the conclusion that CM Punk ass-kissers are the most stupid WWE fans ever. Don’t you idiots realize that Punk is a non-entity and that adding him to the rumored Cena-Rock match (making it a triple threat) would dillute the star power of the match? That would be like watching a Hulk Hogan vs Steve Austin vs Crush Holly match. Why would you have Crush Holly downgrade a match between two top stars? Actually,the reason why WM 28 posters (featuring Cena and Rock) were all over America was because Rock and Cena are both megastars, they are known in and outside of wrestling. Punk on the other hand, isn’t known by a single person outside of the wrestling fanbase. There is NO chance of Punk main-eventing WM 29 or any other future Mania. Now get that into your thick skulls, assholes.

  • Mayback

    Having read all the comments here,I absolutely wouldnt want a triple threat match, I rather see Cena/Rock 2 than a triple threat which would make the main event less good

  • Justin

    Why not have Rock beat Punk at RR, then have punk as a surprise entrant into the RR, win and also have Cena win a number 1 contender EC match to challenge Rock for his “rematch” only to have Punk reveal he is adding himself to the match to set up triple threat Rock vs Cena vs Punk main event Wrestlemania 29 for the WWE Championship

  • Opie

    Cena Ass Kissers like @Lisa is what makes me want to throw up!

  • Lisa

    Justin, are you crazy? Isn’t that what I just explained? Punk is a non-entity, he doesn’t have the star power that Cena and Rock have. With that in mind, WWE would NOT even think of adding him to the Cena-Rock match.

  • Mark Black

    The solution to the problem is EASY. I can’t believe how I can come up with great solution but the so called creative team can’t think of anything ever.

    The WWE has not 1 but 2 World Titles for fuck sake!!! Who cares that the WWE Title can’t be defended at live events? The World Heavyweight Champion can defend his title at RAW Live Events. And everyone knows that World Titles never change hands at Live Events.

    The Rock should beat CM Punk for the WWE Title, then CM Punk is a surprise entrant in the Rumble and wins the Royal Rumble. Cena gets involved somehow and the WWE Title match at WrestleMania becomes a triple treat match: WWE Champion The Rock vs. CM Punk vs. John Sheena and CM punk wins the match to become a 3 time WWE Champion.

    THAT’S how WWE should do. Use your brains Vince you old fuck.

  • Opie

    @Mark Black What if the CM Punk vs Rock match happend After The Royal Rumble Match?

  • Lisa

    Mark Black, you are the most stupid person on this site. Firstly, there is no fucking way Punk is gonna be added to the Cena-Rock match in the WM 29 main event. Secondly, the fact that you are suggesting that Punk beats both Rock and Cena to win the WWE title is laughable. That must be the most ridiculous suggestion I have ever read. It is either you don’t understand how pro wrestling works or you are just so silly.

  • stone cold hates lisa.

    there are only 3 superstars that will win the rr.cena punk and d bryan.whitch i want to win.and ps crew cena vs rock twice in a lifetime

  • Brent989

    Lisa let me get this straight if I choose to not like cenas likeness and the rock for that matter shoved in my face for the next mania by your logic although I doubt you have much, that would mean I’m a cm punk asskisser? Bahaha you are an ignorant sheep end of story I think cm is great in the ring and on the mic both of those facts are true. Although I can name off six guys that I’d root for over cm punk. Oh and you want to talk about star power you idiot how do you think ppl get star power u let them make their own by main Eventing wrestle mains u wretch. You are a blind sheep you would make a good current wwe writer by recycling the same old dreg.

  • Chelsii.

    You’re crazy if you think Dwayne is being given the belt (over a three month period). CM Punk v John Cena Wrestlemania 29; CM Punk will claim bragging rights for beating Dwayne when Cena couldn’t.

  • I have a feeling the plans will change for all 3 men to have seperate opponents at wm. With rock not fighting for wwe title.

  • Brandon

    I’ve never seen anyone more ignorant or stupid than Lisa. This site needs to start deleting trolls.

  • RCmaster305

    yea..and geuss what lisa punk becomes a legend by being the longest reigning wwe champion in decades so who gets the last laugh again?

  • JC

    Idiots.. Rock and Cena are money makers.. Huge draws.. Punk isn’t as huge as Rock and Cena.. They helped WM surpass records. Not CM Punk.. I like CM Punk just as the next guy, but I’m not going to ride his dick like many of you just because he can “wrestle”. You also go to where the money is and Cena vs. Rock 2 is where the money is at.. A triple threat match would be an even better idea…

  • how about the MAIN problem is Rock is a pompous asshole money chaser that does not deserve the WWE Title and it will piss a bunch of people off if he wins it? that would piss me off pretty bad if he won, he is entertaining as fuck but he does NOT deserve ANY title in the WWE, regardless of what he has done in the past, he cant walk in and take the WWE title.

  • Saad

    What I think i’ll actally happen??

    At ROyal Rumble 2013 : Cm Punk will retain his title vs The Rock.

    At Elimination Chamber : The Rock will finally defeat Punk & other 4 in a chamber match thus becoming the new wwe champ & will be main eventing wrestlemania as the champion.

    At Raw after EC : Cm Punk will face John Cena for the no.1 contendership for who will face The Rock at wm29 thus cena winning.

    At Wrestlemania 29 : The Rock will face John Cena for the wwe title.
    Cm Punk will brag for respect from eveyone that he held the title for that long so at wm29 he will go one on one with The Undertaker thus setting Respect vs Streak match.
    Other matches:
    – Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
    – Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Barrett (Rumble winner) for the World Title
    – Ryback vs Big SHow (Non Title)
    – Sheamus vs Randy Orton (Non Title)
    – Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio
    – Eve Torres (c) vs AJ for the Divas Title
    – Money in the bank ladder match


  • vasp

    Lisa is right, Cena and Rock are money makers.punk is not (at least not at their level yet).actually there are 4 matches they can bring lot of money to wwe in WM : Cena-Rock, Rock-Lesnar, Taker-Cena and Taker-Lesnar.

  • mafiadude

    Why the fuck have a predictable Cena vs Rock 2?….. but ohh wait it’s for the WWE title (he says saracstically)-__- fuck that! put CM Punk in the main event of Wrestlemania against The Rock it would just make more sense

  • Z…..

    I have already explained why wwe and the title is already in a lose-lose-lose situation. I dont like it. I have explained it before. Rock taking the title makes Punks reign mean nothing. It blatantly says that the rest of the roster is garbage and a guy that hasnt wrestled in 8 years is better than all of them and isable to take the title like its nothing from a guy that just held it for over 430 days. If Punk drops the title before that and wins it back before the rumble, it also diminishes things because it makes the guy that beat him look like a fluke and a transitional champion, it insults our intelligence (just like wwe always does and does in all of these scenarios) and the title reign heading into the match with the rock means nothing. If punk was going to lose the title before WM, it should have happened 3 months ago when they had a chance to build a real reign. You add the reasons why ryback cant lose and why Cena needs to start winning b/c he has been losing for a year, and you have all 3 of them being hurt. Also, we dont want to see rock vs cena 2, but we all see the inevitability there. Unfortunately, Cena will have to win that match if it happens. The other thing going wrong for you is that you cant have Rock lose to Punk b/c that makes Rock facing Punk look stupid and thats not what they want (though we probably all agree that it is in fact stupid). Then you need to find a way to book rock, cena, punk at WM. Its all a mess.
    Personally, I believe the only thing that can be done at this point, and the best thing moving forward for everyone, is for Punk to beat Rock at the Royal Rumble. Punk goes into WM as Champion and faces Rock and Cena in a triple threat for the title. Rock wins the title, holds it until Summerslam, and drops it to Cena. Thats the only way that things work out at least decently. Punk goes over huge by beating the Rock, Rock wins the title at WM in a huge main event that Punk finally gets to experience at WM with his title reign being awesome, we push back having to deal with Rock-Cena 2, and Cena finally gets the win he needs against the Rock to validate the feud and not make him look too weak with a long enough period of time in between his reigns that doesnt make us want to kill ourselves again. At some point next year, Ryback will win the World Title, drop it in the middle of the year in some kind of multi person match, and eventually beat John Cena for the WWE title at a really big PPV. I dont like the Cena or Ryback parts, but with the way they have booked things to this point, and with the lack of face star power, this is what needs to happen.

  • Mark

    I usually disagree when people say that The Rock hasn’t paid his dues and doesn’t deserve to be given all of the attention; but if he’s given the title without even having to conduct himself like any other champion (showing up to every live event, wrestling every night, drawing tickets and PPV sales) then he shouldn’t be handed the belt.

    There are people like Ziggler who have been working their asses off and waiting for nearly a whole calendar year for a run with the title.

    Rock is always welcome back; but this whole planned championship idea bugs me. If Rock’s role is to draw more outside attention to Wrestlemania; then I highly doubt that they will care whether Rock has the title or not.

    Will ‘Entertainment Weekly’ or the New York Times really care that Rock is an actor as well as being a WWE Champion at the same time? I highly doubt it. They’ll still simply refer to him as ‘actor and part-time WWE Superstar Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock’.

    I fail to see how Rock being champion going into Wrestlemania will draw added PPV numbers, unless he was to win the belt at Mania itself.

  • Z…..

    another possibility to what I said would be Punk wins at RR, faces Cena at WM, and Rock faces someone else in another “huge match” for wwe. maybe triple h? undertaker if he can make it? brock? I think my first thought makes the most sense though

  • Richie

    Lisa YOU are the stupid one! Quit swinging on Cena’s sack and realize he has no real in ring talent! He has a fucking 5 to 6 move move set which is LAME for being the face of the company!

    Also…if they have Cena vs Rock 2 for the WWE title at Mania…that makes the fucking main event of Mania WAY TO PREDICTABLE, which will ruin its credibility as the biggest PPV of the year! The only way to keep it suspenseful is to add Punk to the match and make it a triple threat! So get your head outta Cena’s ass and learn a thing or 2 before you try insulting others!

  • Z…..

    I’m not going to be as confrontational as everyone else on this. I dont like John Cena’s character for multiple reasons including things that we have discussed for years (cant wrestle, 6 moves, etc). Still, he is already entrenched as the face of the company and there is nothing we can do about it. This is why my idea includes him. I think the main point of a lot of our is that Cena doesnt need the title. It doesnt do anything for him. Thats the point. Certain things are needed to further develop characters and provide future possibilities for the company to draw and create new stars. Thats the whole point of the business. THATS why everyone doesnt like Rock c oming back and stealing opportunities from others and THATS why people dont want him to be the Champion. There isnt anything we can do about it though b/c its going to happen. Therefore, I feel that my scenario is the best possible scenario at this point. The way they booked things to this point makes it the only way to further things and accomplish some important things.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’m already leaning toward not watching this WM. The only thing that may make it worth it is if Ziggler goes into it as the defending WHC – and given how the last defending WHC was treated at Wrestlemania, the jury mayy still be out on that one. As much as it galls me to say it, if they insist on having another Cena/Rock match, I’d much rather it be for the title, because first of all, history (read: last year) has already proven that WWE’s more than willing to bury their own main event titles in favor of what they believe will be the biggest draw. Although, in all fairness, the commercial crowd won’t have anything left after spending 20 minutes jizzing their pants at the sight of WWE’s two golden boys in the ring at the same time, so it’s sort of a catch-22.

    On the other hand, I don’t even remember who the hell Punk faced at WM for the title. That’s a problem.

    This match doesn’t need an extra ‘boost’ from either of these guys holding the title. They’ve both sort of transcended the title, which could be either a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

    Let’s just forget that for a while and start fantasizing about the WHC match? (And I believe WWE may try very hard to set up a good matchup to make up for the debacle that happened last year.)

    Ziggler has to cash in at some point, right? I call he’ll be the WHC going into Wrestlemania. Ziggler vs. face Daniel Bryan for the World Title? I’d watch that match.

  • Z…..

    it took me 20 minutes to figure out who was in the title match at wrestlemania this past year. just realized it ws punk and jericho

  • Brody Lawrence

    I’ve said all I care to on this subject. To summarize: If Rock isn’t going to wrestle for WWE on at least a part-time basis to earn a title match or even defend it then he shouldn’t even have the WWE title in the first place. Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan weren’t granted free title matches based on their past glory. They went back to work for WWE full time to earn their title matches so The Rock should have to earn a title match as well.
    I also say that Undertaker (if he’s up to it) should fight The Rock at Wrestlemania. Neither Rock nor Undertaker would have to compete to build it up and it would be another epic WrestleMania match.

    @Lisa: Who’s Crush Holly? Shut up fool!

  • The rock to win at the rumble then to face undertaker at mania and retire champion

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