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Proof The Shield Attacked The Rock, Jericho Comments on Return, More

– Posted below is a photo of The Shield attacking The Rock during the WWE Championship main event match.

Proof The Shield Attacked The Rock at The Royal Rumble

– The Rock commented on capturing the WWE Championship on Twitter, writing, “100 years of Heavyweight Champions. 3 generations in my blood. New @WWE Champion. #MyHonor #TeamBringIt”

– Chris Jericho continues to comment on his Royal Rumble return, writing on Twitter, “Still in shock? I know I am! The response has been INCREDIBLE!”

As seen at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on Sunday, Jericho was the surprise number two entrant of the 30-Man Battle Royal match, lasting nearly 45 minutes.

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  • Rahul Aijaz

    Lol. I’m not gonna argue over Punk being a midget or actually a great superstar because everybody else on this site seem to do that all the time.
    I’d continue to think of Punk as ‘best in the world’ and you’d continue to think of him as a ‘midget’ or whatever so it’s no use talking crap abt it.

    What I’d say is I have always had a problem with Hogan beating everyone with his silly leg drop too. Even when I was a kid.

  • Chelsii

    I didn’t realise 6’2 was a midget you fucking idiot. I bet you’re 5 foot nothing.

    • Anonymous Raw GM

      6’2 my ass haha.. Shawn in reality is barely a 6 footer and he was billed at 6’2″ which Hunter even made fun of at HOF induction. CM Punk is barely as tall as shawn so he’s more like a 5’10 er minus those shoes.. still a midget..
      Btw im 6’3″ biatch haha..

      • Chelsii

        Cena is 6’1 and Punk stands nose to nose with him. Plus, I’ve met him at autograph signings and he’s pretty much taller than me.

      • UMpunkBLN

        Dude your name is Anonymous raw GM isnt that hornswoggle? So you are a midget

        • Anonymous Raw GM

          Do you even know what “Anonymous” even means? :insertfacepalmhere:

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