Punk Does Snow Angels on Fallon, Nash Explains RAW Tease, Sandman, Birthdays

- WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. The appearance was taped earlier in the afternoon. Punk talks about topics trending on Twitter, does snow angels, takes a shot at Tim Tebow and more:

- WWE has released several new Basics t-shirts and are now taking orders for Christian’s new t-shirt.

- ECW Original The Sandman turns 48 years old today.

- We noted before that Kevin Nash joked about running this week’s RAW. Nash’s comments on Twitter had some fans believing he actually would be appearing on RAW. He responded late Monday night:

“My bad. thought I was gonna run Raw tonight. Reread the email and it said ‘hope you go raw dog tonight’. Great night for me anyway! As I’ve said in the past, social media is bullshit. it’s MY ps3. Thanks for playing along tonight. I’ll always be relevant due to my IQ.”

  • Chelsii

    Kevin Nash has a PS3? Must be getting revenge on Jacob Cass and HHH.

    Thank “God” Punk took a shot at that doofus, Tim Tebow.

  • Kiran

    ^ Yeh he probably tears his quad playing wwe 12

  • SoWii

    Punk is awesome :D

  • UM

    Sandmans birthday was 3 days ago and he turned 49 …

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