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Punk Remains Top Spot on ESPN Rankings, Jericho Discusses Return

– Chris Jericho explained to ESPN why his return has been so successful. Here is an excerpt from their article.

“Doing new things, changing your look, changing your personality in the ring, the way that you do interviews and promos … I’ve been doing this a long time,” said Jericho. “I can come and go and when I come back, I’m always at the highest level just because I know what I’m doing. But more important than that, this is show business, and you always need to change things up in order to keep people interested. If you do the same thing for too long, it becomes boring, and I never want to be boring.”

– CM Punk remains in the #1 spot on this week’s ESPN WWE Power Rankings. The Rock took the second place spot, followed by Chris Jericho, Mark Henry and Antonio Cesaro.

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  • zip

    Yeah I noticed when every time he comes back something about him changes. This time it’s a slighty different hair cut and a slighty modified entrance. His jacket is the same though. Either way, Y2J rules.

  • Kayfabe fan

    Jericho invented wrestling

    • CMmox

      Canada too. And being best in the world.

  • CMmox

    Y2J = Best part-time wrestler every wrestling fan could ask for. Period.

  • IamLisa

    Who the fuuck is doing the ranking? ESPN needs to fire his ass.

    • Anonymous Raw GM

      probably a Junk bandwagoner? 😛

      • IamLisa

        Definitely. LOL.

      • Opie Taylor

        Junk? You must be talking about Junkyard dog

        • Anonymous Raw GM

          na im referring to the best in the world at absolutely nothing.. CM Junk 😉