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Punk, Rhodes, Sandow, Show and Others React to SummerSlam

– WWE’s website caught up with several stars after SummerSlam last night:

* Christian was “heartbroken” following his loss to Alberto Del Rio. He noted that he has some things to think over.

* Natalya got emotional and said she cried after her match because she felt like she did it for her dad, her grandfather and her uncles, Bret and Owen Hart.

* Big Show felt the way Daniel Bryan lost the WWE Title was “garbage.” Show teased wanting to knock out Triple H.

* Cody Rhodes said he is over Damien Sandow and has never felt this vindicated in his career. Cody had no comment on shaving his mustache but teased something happening real soon that we don’t want to miss. Sandow also spoke and still insisted he is the better man.

* CM Punk said he’s not in this to win, he’s in it to hurt Paul Heyman. Punk isn’t interested in wins or losses, he just wants to break Heyman’s face. Punk said it’s not over.

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  • Joseph Douglas

    Christian deserves a rematch. Del Rio’s shoulders were down a count or 6 or 7 and the ref never counted it. I hope he is not thinking about retiring.

    • Chelsii?

      When was that? I didn’t even notice it.

      • [B]ANExx

        When he was fighting out of the cross arm breaker first time, he rolled ADR onto his back and like Joseph said, both his shoulders were on the mat for a solid 6-count, it was SO blatant I was convinced they were going for a Christian “I should have won, referee missed it, ‘one more match’!” type thing before the RVD segment with ADR on RAW this week…

    • Seanzviewent

      I hate the guy on the left side of your picture.

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