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Randy Orton Apologizes for Middle Finger, New Divas Champion Crowned

– Eve Torres, who replaced Kaitlyn, captured the Divas Title from Layla at the Night of Champions pay-per-view tonight. Eve was inserted in the title match after #1 contender Kaitlyn was taken out via a “mysterious attacker” earlier in the show.

– Randy Orton flipped off someone at WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view and was caught by the cameras, as seen in the photo below.

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Moments after his match, Orton took to Twitter to apologize:

Had a blast tonight. Great crowd in Boston, sorry if I offended anybody with that inappropriate gesture!

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  • blake

    is he trying to copy everything that stone cold did? (rattlesnake-> viper, apex predator, flip off the camera, hitting or beating up the boss)

  • Fritz

    has to steal from somebody, he certainly doesn’t have a personality of his own.

  • Kayfabe fan

    Fuck you orton and everyone who likes you you douche

  • TheInstantClassic9

    It’s a damn shame how the fans reacted to a great bout with Eve & Layla. They both worked hard and Eve stepped her game up dramatically. Kudos to both girls.

  • mikey

    i guess hes gonna be fired (sarcasm)

  • really? copy from austin? just cuz he gave the middle finger….so you are saying that everyone that has given the middle finger before copied from him…..wow…and besides he used one hand….austin use two…so….

  • Tommy

    I swear to christ, Smarks will say anything to bitch about anyone, so fucking what Orton gave the middle finger. I fucking do that on a daily basis and no one says i’m copying off Stone Cold, so seriously, so Smarks, grow a fucking brain, get your fucking Smark cock outta the Attitude Era’s ass and actually think like wrestling fans instead of people who can’t be happy bout fuck all. Jesus Christ almighty!

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Randy, Randy, Randy…

    You’re supposed to “release the doves”… not “flip the bird.” You’re doing it wrong.

  • blake

    @tommy i gave more than one example you idiot read the fucking comment again dumbass

  • GN-0015

    I don’t understand why people are saying Orton is copying Austin with the middle finger. Middle finger was part of Austin’s character, and this one is just a wrong judgment on Orton’s behalf.

  • bomb

    The divas match was pretty good but poor Kaitlyn. The “mysterious attacker” must be the same person who was beating up people’s knees back in NXT Redemption.

  • JamesBooth

    That’s why Orton should be a heel, he’s a fucking hothead

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    He’s a changed man they said
    TIme’s a healer they said
    Randy’s a bitch and will always be they never said

  • Chris

    He might be a bitch but at least he is a Rich Bitch

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