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Randy Orton Gets 10 Staples In His Head After Match With Brock Lesnar (Video)

Last night during the main event of Summerslam, Brock Lesnar took his gloves off and began pummeling Randy Orton with his bare hands. When the officials had finally stepped in to stop the match, Orton was left lying beaten and leaking blood out of his head.

WWE posted a video of physicians stapling a real deal gash on Orton’s head shut:

Not only was Orton’s character diminished by losing so handily to the part-timer Brock, but he had to have his head split wide open for the finish of a dull match… The Lesnar-special as it is known among the elite, or a Suck My Fat Veiny Brock Match as it is in other circles.

The anti-worker, Lesnar, and the Toothless Viper, Orton, had the wrestling world in an uproar by the end of the show. The PW Zeitgeist is seeing the starts of an affirmative shift away from Lesnar’s perpetual mockery of the business. Turns out people want to see real matches. And it turns out that people actually want the talent to give a sh-t.

If Brock doesn’t give something back to the fans soon, then his fairy tale could soon be at an end. His “do whatever I want and you will damn well like it” career of coasting through the best angles, his expecting everyone and their mother to take his 30 german suplexes rather than work a good match and his expecting top guys to take shoot beatings to job for him; these concepts are starting to spore as they hurtle towards their expiry.

Dean Ambrose caught some heat over saying Brock was “lazy” during their Wrestlemania match. But it’s a good thing he brought it up. Because with that little seed in the back of our minds, it was impossible to avoid noticing the tepid pith that was last night’s main event. And while many were already well aware of this trend, the negative feedback this time around seems louder than ever.

If Brock doesn’t want this, that’s completely okay. Let’s just stop the charade and not poison the talent well any further through more bad booking.

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