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Randy Orton’s Skull Punt Banned, Trish Stratus Lands Magazine Cover, WWE Inbox

– Here is Episode 17 of WWE Inbox with superstars and divas answering questions from fans sent in via social media –

– A fan suggested to Randy Orton on Twitter that he deliver his trademark punt kick to Chris Jericho’s skull after Jericho hit him with 3 codebreakers on Monday’s RAW. While Orton is sure to exact revenge on Jericho, he won’t be skull punting any time soon:

“The punt has been banned. ‘Concussional’ awareness.”

– Trish Stratus will gracing the cover of the new issue of Inside Fitness Magazine. This will be the 90th magazine cover for the former WWE diva.

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  • Mindy

    Trish has been so succesful after WWE, I am really proud of her. <3

  • Rg41982

    No not the punt kick wtf. Trisha is sexy ass fuck. I got to wake her up out the bed to read this.

  • rob

    i understand concussions but still gonna miss seeing that move

    but hey the 450 splash is banned but they let justin gabrial and evan bourne do it

  • JamesBooth

    Fuck no ! Not the punt kick !

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @ROB ACCCCK. Back up.

    You’re only half right. Evan Bourne uses a shooting star press and Gabriel uses the 450. Yes, both of those were banned moves at one point, but more because the users botched them and landed on their heads. Gabriel and Bourne are just that consistent with their respective finishers that WWE allows them to do them.

    The Punt Kick is more an image thing, I think. Partly because it’s a move in a very visible superstar’s move set that’s (arguably) more easily imitated than most of the other things Randy Orton does. Second, it doesn’t really fit the profile of a face, even a “dark” face like Orton. If I had to guess, though, it’s very possible Jericho may find himself on the business end of a ring bell or other type of foreign object. Cody Rhodes can tell you all about that.

  • rob

    @xXwindsofchangeXx my bad im on what evan bourne was suspended for hehe

  • kosher

    puff puff pass you sumuhnah beesh

  • rob

    @kosher puff puff pass to r-truth

  • tim

    shut up kosher!

    shut up rob!

  • GnarKiller

    The punt was a lame finisher anyway.

  • Dom

    if anyone needs to shut up it’s you tim.

  • nightmare

    Man this is so gay of WWE to ban that move give me a break no wonder there rating are down

  • tim

    Hi I’m Tim and I love big cocks

  • tim

    shut up dom!

  • steven

    i didnt see the punt kick as a finisher i saw it as his last resort

  • Rg41982

    Damn guys I can lend y’all Trish so y’all can let out that frustration.

  • The_Realist

    They banned a kick to the head, in which he doesn’t even connect with anyway?

    Bring back Powerbombs, Piledriver’s, Superplex’s etc.

  • tim

    hi im tim and im annoying as fuck

  • Coolquip

    Any one seeThis as a joke by Orton?

  • C.I.T.M

    I’m pretty sure this is whats called
    ‘taking bullshit’
    as if there was a chance that it was actually banned Orton wouldn’t bring it up (Mind you Orton isn’t really one to give two fucks about pissing people off)

  • Alejandro

    Randy stopped using the punt move on television since last year when he was involved in the feud against CM Punk and the New Nexus. I haven’t seen him do that punt move since.

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