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Rating For Monday’s Episode Of RAW Is In

Monday’s episode of WWE RAW scored a 2.73 rating, which is up 10 percent from the 2.48 rating that the show did last week. The show averaged 3.884 million viewers, which is up from the 3.477 million average from last week. 

Hour one averaged 4,201 million viewers, hour two averaged 4,055 million viewers and the final hour averaged 3,996 million viewers.

Shane McMahon returned to WWE television in hour one, which increased viewership, but WWE lost viewers as the night went on. Sheamus and Roman Reigns was the main event and that was the lowest rated hour.

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  • Zack

    Haha the main event had the lowest rating. You don’t say?

    • Eliot Tirado

      What? It got great ratings, last hour usually goes down big, when Daniel Bryan retired the last hours lost almost 500 000 viewers, Sheamus vs Reigns definitely draws, no surprise they fight on so many house shows.

      • Zack

        No that was the point. The joke there was that WNZ was stating the obvious.

      • Mean Dean

        Lol, raw lost 500k right after Bryan left the ring that day…. Reigns is bad for business

        • Eliot Tirado

          What ? He was the last segment.

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Maybe they’ll get 3 one day… In a galaxy far, far away

  • Lisa

    Shane draws.

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