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RAW Fallout, Ryback Is Over Huge, More on the Punk Fan Incident, Was It a Plant?

– Below is the latest episode of WWE Backstage Fallout from RAW:

– As noted before, WWE will return to Sacramento, California on January 22nd, 2013 for a SmackDown taping. The pre-sale runs through October 14th and the password is SMACKFAN.

– To kill a rumor going around, the fan who was hit by CM Punk at last night’s RAW was not a plant by WWE.

– Live fan notes from last night’s RAW report that Ryback is way over with the fans. He received one of the biggest pops of the night, next to John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Right before RAW hit the air, a big “feed me more” chant broke out among the fans.

– Fan notes from last night’s RAW also indicate that CM Punk did strike the right fan. It’s hard to say what really happened unless you are Punk or one of the offending fans. One person who was sitting one section over wrote to us and said that the man who got punched actually shoved Punk in the back of the head while the cameras were cut away on Vince McMahon in the ring. One fan wrote to us and said the man who got hit was definitely innocent and was seen making gestures to police like he was trying to explain what happened. There are various accounts going around about what happened last night.

The man was ejected by WWE and arena security after RAW went off the air. WWE’s security was seen yelling at the man before he spoke to CBS 13 reporter Laura Cole. As noted earlier, the man filed a police report. Many people within WWE expect this to be a big story over the next week or so.

Partial source: PWInsider

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  • rob

    People that think punk would hit a fan for no reason make me laugh. He is a smart guy he was provoked….don’t poke the bear

  • jayman

    i saw the vid, punk hit the wrong guy. there was a guy wearing a grey shirt behind the guy who punked it who pushed him. then punk hit the wrong guy in the black twice for the ko

  • Tyler

    Nothing serious will come of this to Punk anyway. Security clearly didn’t do their job very well as a fan shouldn’t have been able to shove Punk in the first place. He’ll probably just have to pay for new glasses and a little fine at worst.

  • Gortex

    you could tell the man wasn’t a plant by the look on Vince’s face when the camera panned between them both, he even took a few seconds to process it before finishing what he was saying.

    the guy deserved it shouldn’t hit a professional athlete. (sports entertainment or otherwise) as rob said “don’t poke the bear”

  • Sara

    @ Rob, i would agree, but it seems like you haven’t seen the video. It clearly shows that Punk hit the wrong fan. Of-course it was an accident, but the guy who shoved Punk was not the one that Punk struck.

  • Joseph

    I must be the only guy in the world that dos not care about Ryback. All I see is a new Goldberg that only has squash matches.

  • Dre

    In a court of law it would be very hard to prove what’s what without video evidence. They might be able to get the fans in that section to testify, but then it could be very murky, and might be hard to prove if Punk is guilty or not, since there sounds to be a lot different opinions on what occurred. Plus even if Punk wrongly attacked the fan, he might not be at fault since he was getting hit himself and hit actions were of self defense.

    So I doubt it would be smart for the fan who got smacked, to sue Punk. He would be wise to sue the arena for not having security in place, and WWE for having a wrestler going into a crowd and causing this to occur.

    I’m not sure how much this guy is looking for, but if a reasonable amount I could see WWE settling so it doesn’t drag out. As for the arena, I don’t know, since they already have problems of their own with the Kings season about to start and how the team might move.

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