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Raw Re-writes, Zeb Colter Hypes Tapings, HIAC Match Pushed back?

– There were several re-writes on last night’s Raw taping.

– Zeb Colter hyped tonight’s WWE tapings, writing on Twitter, “#WeThePeople….in #WWEKansasCity for #SmackDown. Who takes the ride on the BIG SWING TONIGHT courtesy @AntonioCesaro ? @WWE”

– WWE may have to pushed the planned bout between The Miz and Bray Wyatt for Hell in a Cell to the Survivor Series pay-per-view because Wyatt is not cleared to wrestle. Wyatt would torment and haunt The Miz as a way to build to the match until he is cleared to compete.

Source: PWInsider.com

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  • Rahul

    Can they please shave his head? I can’t bear his hairstyle anymore.

    On another note, let Miz also do something for heaven’s sake. Make him look strong so it matters when Wyatt beats him. Don’t make it another squash match after 2 months buildup.

    • cubfan4life

      the fact that Bray isnt cleared to wrestle may actually be a blessing in disguise. It will allow them to build it up slowly instead of rushing it just to make the HIAC PPV. I imagine with the extra time Miz will get a chance to get the upper hand at times.

      • Rahul

        I hope so.
        But honestly, I feel Wyatt vs The Miz doesn’t sound BIG enough for Survivor Series. Ideally, it should be The Wyatts vs BOD. If not, it should be someone more interesting than The Miz.
        Henry? Mysterio?

        • cubfan4life

          True. Miz vs Wyatt doesnt have that marquee appeal. However i would rather one program done well even if it isnt a huge name over 2 rushed programs. Would i rather see Wyatt have a bigger name to go up against at Survivor Series? Yes. But at the same time i want the program to be done well and not be one of the typical one week builds to a ppv match that WWE is so fond of. Ideally this is just a way to tread water for the Wyatts until they can finish up with Kane and maybe after that have them set their sights on someone like a returning Sheamus perhaps?

          • Rahul

            Or maybe Sheamus AND Cena. Just like they had a 6-man tag match against The Shield earlier this year. I’d like Sheamus + Cena and maybe Christian, Henry or Mysterio to help elevate The Wyatts. I think it would be pretty cool. Although as much as I hated Sheamus’ world title reign last year, I would like him to get back in World title chase after WM30. Until then, they can help get Cody, Ziggler and Sandow over and put the title on either one of ’em. Just my two cents. :-)

  • Mario Peralta

    Headline: Raw Re-Writes
    Article: There were several re-writes on last night’s Raw taping.

    Seriously?!? Is this how lazy we are with news now?

    • Me

      That is Steve “Fail” Carrier for you.

  • jcice13

    OKAY what were the rewrites???

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