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Raw & Smackdown Viewership Numbers

The Raw and Smackdown Live viewership numbers are in for this week.

For Raw, the broadcast averaged 2.911 million viewers, down from 3.314 million last week. This marks the first time since the New Era began, and fourth time in 2016 overall,¬†that Monday’s live show dropped below the 3 million average viewer mark.

As for Smackdown, the average viewership last night was 2.455 million. This is down from 2.681 million from last week.

There seems to be a sloping trend as weeks go by. And it makes sense, since the brand split and kick off of #New Era were significant occurrences and nothing has happened since then to warrant that level of interest. The last few weeks have served only to set a stage for the coming Summerslam show, which is a stacked card that should do well.

The week after Summerslam ought to bring numbers back up as the show deals with fallout that will generate interest.


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