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Raw & Smackdown Viewership Numbers

The Raw and Smackdown viewership numbers for this past week are in.

On Monday, Raw pulled in an average of 3.069 million viewers. This is down from the 3.413 million average from last week.

Smackdown Live averaged 2.454 million viewers on Tuesday. This is down from last week’s 2.835 million average.

Monday was a holiday and, in addition to that, Raw was competing for ratings with College Football which averaged 8.354 million viewers. The NFL will also feature a doubleheader this coming¬†Monday. So Raw is at a distinct disadvantage¬†as it competes¬†with America’s favorite pastime for ratings.

As for Smackdown, it was predicted here that since Summerslam fallout shows would draw better, the subsequent weeks would likely see a dip. However, last week had an uncommonly explosive Raw main event with Kevin Owens winning the title. That was one reason Raw did so well and likely helped draw viewers for Smackdown Live. But since that Smackdown show was a fairly unmemorable one, we see a drop once more this week.

With the Smackdown exlcusive pay-per-view Backlash happening this Sunday, there ought to be a spike in viewership next week for the fallout.

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