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Raw And Smackdown Viewership Numbers

The viewership numbers for this week’s Raw and Smackdown Live broadcasts are in.

Showbuzzdaily.com has reported that Monday Night Raw, which featured the return of Brock Lesnar, averaged 3.31 million viewers. This is actually slightly¬†down from last week’s 3.34 million.

And for Smackdown on Tuesday, the average viewership was 2.68 million. This is down from 2.73 million last week.

Despite minor drops, the margins are negligible. If the coming weeks continue to slope then WWE might have cause for concern. The brand split itself was already a response to less than acceptable ratings for the previously pre-taped Thursday night Smackdown shows. So, it’s tough to say what miracle they could have in their back pocket to remedy low ratings short of kicking Eva Marie through the curtain in her birthday suit.

In terms of competing programming, it was a sailor’s delight. No political conventions, no Olympics. All was clear. So, perhaps they need more iced tea.

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