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Reason Alberto Del Rio was Angry at Raw, CM Punk’s Segment with a Fan, WWE in 5

– Below is WWE’s latest “WWE in 5″ video from the week of August 12th.

– The reason that Alberto Del Rio appeared to be angry after his bout with Sin Cara on Monday’s Raw was because he wouldn’t finish the match. As we noted earlier, there was backstage heat towards Sin Cara for this incident.

– The segment with CM Punk going off on the fan at ringside on Monday’s Raw was not part of the script, and the fan wasn’t a plant either. For whatever reason, the fan caused Punk to lose his cool.

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    In my case if Sin Cara could not finish the match they should not have been so upset with him accidents happen all the time. I mean in some cases they can finish the match sometimes they can’t when an accident occurs. Whatever that fan said to CM Punk was mad!

    • Joseph Douglas

      A hurt finger? Triple H tore his quad, hell, Punk cracked his skull and finished a match.

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        ok but why get mad if he stopped the match? i mean it is no reason to get mad at him that is all im saying

        • D.M.T

          I agree 100%. Wrestling fans these days are extremely selfish. They don’t really care about those who get hurt for their entertainment.

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            Thank for agreeing with me! at least u get what i am saying and u took the words out of my mouth!.

  • Mike Honcho

    I will always respect HHH for tearing hi quad and finishing 2 different matches. Sin Cara lacks that kind of toughness.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I don’t think so because if he was hurt way too bad it might have been the reason why he stopped, but i understand by him working thru matches if he has an injury but i do not see if it is a problem that he stopped?

    • D.M.T

      Yeah that’s what you people like. You like for wrestlers to continue wrestling until they are no longer healthy. Pretty selfish of you. I would have preferred if the match ended early because of HHH’s injury. Sin Cara is smart for not risking his health for selfish wrestling fans.

      • oSleepDeprivedo

        Yeah, we’ve heard you a zillion times dude. You’re welcome to have your opinion but it doesn’t have to be said on every post.

        • D.M.T

          Some things need to be said multiple times to make sure you people understand what i’m saying

          • oSleepDeprivedo

            People know what you’re saying. That’s all I’m saying. I’m going to agree with Mike Honcho on this one though. I’m looking forward to a smartass comment from you after my thoughts, D.M.T.

          • DexDude

            Sorry to say, but if you we’re at your job and you tore your quad or broke your fingers you wouldn’t still work the rest of the day. So why should they? Because you people say so? I agree with what D.M.T. is saying here and honestly anyone who doesn’t is just plain stupid. The man INJURED himself.. why should he be forced to endure further pain just to entertain you?

          • Guest

            Because it’s the standard within the industry, that’s why. People like Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and Edge worked with SEVERE injuries. WWE is not a white collar office, it’s professional wrestling. Sin Cara is an absolute wuss, as well as a terrible wrestler. WWE should release this little female mute.

          • oSleepDeprivedo

            Obviously my job and the wrestling profession is totally different and expectations are different. You’re trained to handle and deal with pain. I’m not saying it’s the best thing ever, but you sure gain a lot more respect from wrestlers who stick it out to do their job. I also think we’re in a different mindset nowadays anyways. I think someone in Triple H’s position from when he tore his quad, that the situation would be handled differently and the match would be stopped. Especially in the day and age where concussions are much more serious in today’s wrestling world than in the 90’s, WWE is A LOT smarter about things. The problem I think they had with Sin Cara is he botches a lot, and his injury was very very minor, in all honesty.

      • Damian Starr

        There are numerous occasions of professional athletes from all different kinds of sports who fight through injury to see the event to the end, granted the end pay off may have been much higher stakes but still; heck I did some ligament damage to my finger in the opening few mins of a soccer match and still played on, why? because I love the sport and for an entertainer to stop after a relatively minor injury and seeing as his arsenal doesn’t rely on it it’s kinda pathetic. Don’t you agree the best matches are where you think woah that move looks like it could have REALLY done some damage for example at TLC when one of the shield cracked his head off the table it was like awesome and bad at the same time. You watch a sport where people get paid to ‘wrestle’ each other and expect them to not get hurt occasionally, heck Jessie sorenson would have kept going in his fateful match a year and a half ago now because he loves the sport

  • Mr. Creative

    Was it Sin Cara’s call or the doctor’s call? We still don’t know what Sin Cara injured & we don’t know how painful it was. No one should be mad at Sin Cara for being injured or possibly choosing to end a match if he is in pain. Yes it sucks he couldn’t finish the match, but it is possible that to continue may make the injury even worse & thus taking more risk. Sure some wrestlers choose to continue, but each has a right to choose to do that or not to. I equally commend & respect the wrestlers who do & the ones who don’t.

  • Will Burns

    I think certain guys such as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Paul Heyman should be able to improvise and make up their own promos and lines. Feed off what the crowd gives them. It makes for spectacular television

    • YM5

      for the most part, those who can do

  • Mr. Creative

    I felt Punk was already in character. He was suppose to be acting upset with what happened at the PPV. I saw him picking on that guy as an improv to get that point across. That guy just fueled Punk’s fire to what became a great promo. Punk saw it as an opportunity to make his frustration/ anger towards Heyman & Brock more real/natural & it worked.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    That freakout by ADR reminded me a bit of Randy Orton’s “STUPID! STUPID!”

    In other news, what incriminating pictures does Sin Cara have of Vince McMahon that they haven’t pulled the plug on him yet? Something bad seems to happen every time they put a camera on him.

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