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Reason Behind John Cena’s Smackdown Bookings, More on Banned WWE Move

– WWE feels John Cena is a difference maker to attracting larger crowds. Ticket sales for Smackdown haven’t been selling so great, which is why Cena is booked for all the Smackdown tapings in the foreseeable future. Triple H is also being advertised for a few Smackdown shows as well.

– As reported earlier, Randy Orton noted the punt has been banned by WWE due to concussion awareness. One thing about WWE, and part of this also has to do with the recognition of legal liability down the line, but they do make the attempt to do an athletic exciting product but do it as safely as possible.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Chelsii

    Wait… is banning the punt a work? Because I seriously see no possible way that a tap to the hairline by Blandy Boreton causes legitimate concussions.

  • Rg41982

    Just like football. Gonna be a bunch of 7 foot muscle heads wrestling in nighties and hitting each other with pillows. Stop making shit so damn soft.

  • Ashley

    Cena’s being booked for smackdown cause orton got suspended… there is no star power on smackdown

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I still think that it’s less concerning about Orton concussing another wrestler (he more often than not just brushes them with his shin) but more about the young, impressionable little kiddies (and not-so-little kiddies) that can much more easily imitate a move like that and actually hurt someone than they could a suplex. Pro wrestling in general has walked that line for years, and even though they always run the “Don’t try this at home” disclaimers, there’s always somebody that tries it. Backyard wrestling from of-age daredevils? That’s one thing, and I don’t believe it’s what WWE wants to stop. After all, their FCW pickups have to start somewhere. (That’s a joke, but I do think in all seriousness that it’s how at least one person on WWE’s roster probably started.) Young kids bodyslamming their little sisters because they saw it on television? WWE doesn’t want that, and on a sensible albeit slightly selfish level, WWE doesn’t want to take the blame for it.

    Not to mention on the off chance that some fresh FCW callup newbie doesn’t flop in time and Orton actually kicks him in the temple running full speed. The concussion thing is a serious problem across sports right now – not just because of the immediate effects (because those can often heal with time) but because of the long-term effects multiple concussions can have on people’s brains. That (and the Stone Cold injury) is why nobody’s using piledrivers in WWE anymore – except for the Tombstone and that’s because it’s execution lends itself to protecting the “victim”‘s head and neck.

    The way I see it? The Punt’s not even a big deal – not after WWE’s already banned most piledrivers, some variations of the DDT, and unprotected chair shots. WWE can survive without the Punt.

  • Peter Ballack

    It might not be a big deal to you but it is for Orton and WWE.
    It has always provided WWE with a way of writing somebody off of television whilst making Orton’s star rise further.

  • sal

    just end the brands all the way

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