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Reason for Dixie Carter’s Promo, News for Next Week’s Impact

– Next Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling from Little Rock, Arkansas will feature Manik vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Title plus Eric Young, ODB and Joseph Park vs. Robbie E, Jessie Godderz and a Knockout to be announced.

– As seen on this past Thursday’s Impact, Dixie Carter cut a heel promo in the ring with AJ Styles. Word going around is that the promo is supposed to be the jumping off point to take TNA in a different direction creatively.

Source: PWInsider

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  • jcice13

    a different direction??? again???? ever think about TNA like a rat in a maze?

    • Tyler Drummond

      Well 25 – 50% in they are going to change directions again, forget everything they did and consistently be inconsistent.

    • tmeister

      Lol do they even kno what the direction is taking them

  • Damian Starr

    She cut one of the worst promos ever… she was just whiny, didn’t sound anything like she actually had any power over AJ at all

    • Maddox

      Dixie McMahon

      • gta4801 .

        oh please even the Stephine during the McMahon helmsly era was more threatening than a heel Dixie but with that being said this is her first heel turn so i would be willing to see where this goes if I’m ever bored on Thursdays

        • Damian Starr

          I can’t ever see her being ever good at anything to do with wrestling… beside the point I can’t see her being a good heel due to fact she hasn’t got an EGO (topical?) like any good heel should have

        • Maddox

          Was kindling with the whole McMahon thing but she just doesn’t have it takes too pull off the evil boss like Vince,Steph and Triple H can. Some TNA are already comparing this to Austin/McMahon which I just find laughable. She is more like Linda McMahon

  • John Cena 2004

    Dixie sucks

  • Richie

    When she said “Dixie Carter built this house” i nearly fell out of my chair laughing! That was the funniest thing i think i’ve ever heard on a TNA show!

    Sorry Dixie, everyone knows TNA is the house that AJ Styles built!

  • Devon

    Jeff Jarrett needs to get full control of tna back. AJ is TNA. He is the only thing I watch on Impact. It seems like tna is ripping off WWE again. Dixie is the tyrant heel(a horrible one) just like HHH %& Steph and AJ is the #1 face like Bryan. Just tna ripping off WWE again

  • SdotC

    I just read Dixie’s wiki page– apparently her parents bought 71% of TNA for just $250k in 2002. Now according to jcice13, they pay Hogan $75k per appearance, which is at least $1.3m a year not accounting for PPVs, other appearances and whatever guarantee he has on top of that.

    This idiot Dixie Carter thinking that her company isn’t going to fail is about as stupid as that idiot Dixie Carter thinking she should turn heel like HHH and Stephanie, because that will be the revolutionary step that brings her company to #1. Oh, wait…

  • SdotC

    Lol. First, Dixie tries to directly clone the nWo/Sting angle with AJ Styles and Aces&Eights– even little details like Sabin’s win remind me of when Luger beat Hogan and held the strap for like a week just to give the babyfaces a win, or the MEM’s return being akin to the heel Horsemen who once ran roughshod on that locker room coming back as babyfaces. Some things are more blatant, like Bubba literally doing a Hogan Jr face gimmick, then being revealed as the heel mastermind of the rebel “outsiders”.

    So making AJ into Sting and Bubba Dudley into Hogan failed, now Dixie thinks she’s going to make AJ into Stone Cold and she’s gonna be Vince McMahon lol! It’s like she just has a list of huge angles from the past and she’s going to try to rip every one of them off hoping that something sticks:

    “Hulkamania… check, fail. nWo… check, fail. Horsemen… check, fail. ECW… check, fail. nWo again… check, fail. nWo and Sting… check, fail. Austin vs McMahon… check, certain to fail……. sht guys, I’m almost out of ideas. Eric? E…Eric?”

    • SdotC

      “To be honest Dixie, what you need to do is give me all the power. I know what I’m doing. But in this current situation, I can’t do what I’d need to to make this company successful. But ya know what would be great, Dixie? A new nWo”.


      “WELL YA KNOW SOMETHIN’ DIXIE?! I’VE GOT SOME GREAT IDEAS THAT ARE GONNA CHANGE THIS BUSINESS AS YOU KNOW IT, DUDE! But I’ve gotta keep those things to myself until the time is right. By the way, is that new contract ready? Tell ya what, Dixie, because I love you and I love this brand…um…TN? TNA, right, because I love TNA so much, I’ll tell you ONE of my monster ideas: A TNA App! And we’ll plug it every 5 minutes on the show. Then we’ll have the TNA superstars Tout little videos of themselves, and tell the fans that they can interact by sending Touts themselves… I have bigger ideas, but that’s just a little something I came up with the other day”.

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