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Reason For No Crowd Response To Ryback On Raw, Lashley Not Fighting At WSOF

– Monday’s Raw concluded with WWE Champion CM Punk encountering Mick Foley backstage and giving him a kick to the gut in response to a disappointed glare. Moments later, Punk stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing Ryback staring him down. The segment was also notable for the lack of crowd reaction to Ryback in the segment. According to fans in attendance, the segment was not shown to the live crowd as the Titantron screen was dark.

– Former WWE Superstar-turned-mixed martial artist Bobby Lashley will not compete on the premiere World Series of Fighting event airing on NBC Sports Network on Saturday, November 3. The promotion released the full match line-up for their premiere event Tuesday and Lashley was not among those listed after being previously announced to appear. Pro Wrestling Torch has confirmed that Lashley will not be competing on the show.

(sources:, Pro Wrestling Torch)

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  • Chelsii.

    That’s a great fuck up.

  • Wuge

    ^ Yup, that’s right.

  • matthew

    good excuse. they will just pop in that fake annoying cheer they use on smackdown next time

  • Joseph

    Really? I thought there was no reaction for him because he is boring. He does NOT deserve a title shot.

  • Real Kosher

    @joseph no one said he was getting a title shot you fucking tool, yeah he is so boring thats why an entire arena chants his phrase and shit during his entrance and matches…are you really that fucking ignorant dude?

  • Chelsii.

    Maybe, he doesn’t like Wrestling.

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    Sorry, Joseph (*cough*dipshit*cough*). Ryback may work stiff at times but he’s already got fan support and barely even says a word. Would love to see you go out there and try to achieve that.

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