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Reason for Punk-Cena-Ryback Angle, Possible New WWE Tag Team, The Rock

– The Rock is working on Fast 6 in the United States this week.

– As noted before, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth have split up on good terms to pursue singles careers. The segment with Truth and Brodus Clay on last night’s RAW was done because they’re considering a tag team with the two. Before this weekend, they were looking at changing Clay’s Funkasaurus gimmick altogether.

– Word from last night’s RAW is that they still don’t know if John Cena will be able to perform at Hell In a Cell. WWE did the angle last night where CM Punk has a week to decide on facing Ryback or Cena because they will know for sure by next Monday if Cena can wrestle or not. Obviously Ryback is the back-up plan but it will be interesting to see how they handle that match.

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  • If they wanna keep Ryback’s streak alive, just put Punk-Ryback in a regular single’s match, then Ryback will win by DQ after he gets hit in the head with the title!

  • maxpower

    The WWE dont give a fuck about Cena’s health, they have already ruined Cena body by not letting him rest.

  • YM5

    @maxpower you do realize they won’t make anybody take time off? unless its a suspension they’ll keep you on the road until you say something John has to speak up for his self don’t blame the WWE

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @YM5 Bullshit. John shouldn’t have to speak up for himself. He’s not some random midcarder who just got his big break. He’s been perhaps their most visible personality to stay with the company (no disrespect to Dwayne) for the better part of the last decade. ESPECIALLY after what happened to Edge, Vince or someone should surely realize that they may lose Cena permanently a few years earlier than they would like at this current pace. Cena probably only has about 3 years left anyway because he’s not a spring chicken anymore. In most athletically-oriented work situations (and WWE, despite its scripted nature, is one), the employer is responsible to take care of the employee. Cena just doesn’t make waves. It’s not in his personality – so WWE has to look at their situation and say, “Okay, this is one of our chief moneymakers. Do we want to rest him for a couple of weeks/months now or lose him a year or two sooner than expected with no clear replacement in sight?”

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