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Reason for WWE Office Changes, Reigns Slips and Falls, Rock’s Injuries

– Roman Reigns slipped and fell on the entrance ramp as The Shield were making their entrance at tonight’s WWE live event in Dublin. This led to Dean Ambrose laughing at him and a “you fell over” chant from the crowd.

– The Rock is said to be completely healed up from the injuries he suffered at WWE’s WrestleMania 29.

– Regarding the changes we’ve reported on that are going on at WWE headquarters, the new job title for Jane Geddes is Senior Vice President, Operations for Talent and Live Events. PWInsider reports that these changes are being made to prepare for the launch of the WWE Network.

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I am happy that The Rock is better, but I wonder if he will wrestle at Wrestlemania XXX.

  • Ortuno

    now you know why they go through the crowd

  • Alpha_Omega

    As it is Dublin, Ireland, one too many guinnesses perhaps??

  • Steven

    I would totally love to see Dean Ambrose laughing at Roman Reigns falling down, as it would seem so out of character.

  • Poppy’s Hammer

    The start of Roman Reigns going face, because he is sick of getting laughed at by fellow members.

  • Edynol

    When it Reigns it pours…..

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