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Reason Roman Reigns Likely Won’t Turn Heel At WrestleMania

There continues to be talk from fans about Roman Reigns turning heel at WrestleMania. Seeing how the program has played out so far, Undertaker is the clear fan favorite in their match. Still, a heel turn doesn’t seem to be in WWE’s plans.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated how Reigns is now the top merchandise seller as John Cena has switched into a part-time role the past two years. With Cena taking another absence after WrestleMania to film several movies, turning Reigns heel would hurt merchandise sales.

Also, it was noted how Reigns gets the biggest reaction from the crowd, whether their booing or cheering him.

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  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    Idk seeing how things are now..if Reigns turn heel, fans will actually cheer him. It won’t hurt his sales at all

    • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

      It depends on how he is as a heel. If he keeps his current tone (cocky, arrogant, short promos, dont give a f bout anybody attitude) then yeah he has the potential to be something big. Any other kind of heel run, fans will continue to hate him if not more.

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Not suprising lol

  • NO1SC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    lol i feel like that merch stat is the same as the attendance stat they say they have at every Mania

  • Meg’El Diablo’Matthews ?

    They think turning him would hit sales but when he was part of the shield they were heels & still sold a lot of merch so why worry lots of heels sell big merch, fans won’t stop buying simply cause a guy went from face to heel ?

    For guys that seem to generate so much heat & hate/boos (even tho they’re faces) Cena & Reigns sell a hell of a lot of merch, every event I’ve been too there are tons of people wearing their tees, caps etc & thats before they hit merch stands & most of it worn by adults.

    So I don’t see how they think it would affect sales do they think the kids will say don’t buy me his tee he’s a bad guy now or the parent saying no I’m not buying my child any of their merch because they’re now a heel. I think if they turned Reigns heel he’d sell even more merch. Wwe need to take the stick out of their proverbial asses??

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    The thing they don’t get, though (and I don’t get why they don’t get this), is that if the heel turn is executed correctly, not only can you turn him back face at some point later, but his next face run could well be MORE effective than it is now.

    They’ve got other guys that can move merch, by the way. How about, I dunno, AJ F*CKING STYLES? I’m not saying he makes a bad heel. He’s a pretty good heel. But anybody, ANYBODY that’s followed his career for any number of years knows he makes a far superior face. And he’s so popular in WWE that he’s (unfortunately) borderline ruined face pushes for guys like Ambrose and Ziggler just because people didn’t really want to boo Styles. (Which isn’t so much his fault as it is the fault of the bookers who fail to realize this.) He’s a heel and he’s literally more over than damn near any face WWE’s got, literally without trying.

    I’m not saying the numbers they have for Reigns’ merch are bulls&*t (although they well might be), but they seem awfully afraid of temporary hits to sales for a company that’s navigated decades of roster turnover and went from Sammartino to Hogan to Bret/HBK to Rock/Austin to Cena and always stayed afloat.

    So one of two things are happening. Either WWE’s higher-ups and veteran leadership has completely forgotten the company’s history of surviving – or ‘merch sales’ are being used as a built-in excuse for WWE just plain being bullheaded. Hell, I’d bet if you asked Reigns, he’d much prefer just being an outright villain at this point to his current situation where he’s trying unsuccessfully to get half the audience to cheer him.

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