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Reby Sky Lashes Out At Kharma and Sid Vicious In Fiery Twitter Rant

Kharma reignited her feud with Reby Sky this past week during an interview with the wrestling and mixed martial arts podcast Future Endeavors (audio available here) as she once again slammed “The Diva Overachiever.”

Earlier this year, Kharma participated in the “YouShoot” DVD series and placed Sky in the ‘Ho Bag’—a recurring segment featured in the series. This caused the outspoken female grappler to fire back at the former WWE and TNA Wrestling star by claiming she participates in “shoot” interviews to support her drug habit due to being broke.

Speaking to Future Endeavors, Kharma revealed she placed Sky in the “Ho Bag” due to her lack of “etiquette” and respect for ring veterans such as Sid Vicious—after Vicious surfaced on Raw last year for a guest wrestling appearance, Sky went off on the former World Champion on Twitter by saying he doesn’t deserve the spotlight after no-showing multiple independent events months earlier, including one show in which he was to have faced her boyfriend, Matt Hardy.

Kharma added that Sky’s reputation “speaks for itself” and that she’s “not one of my colleagues.” Finally, Kharma labeled Sky “a peon.”

Former WWE talent Lindsay Hayward (the 6’9″ women’s wrestler who was originally scheduled to appear on NXT in 2010), sent Sky an article containing Kharma’s remarks, to which she responded, “Lying. Fucking. Cunt. Oh, & lets all glorify a FUCKING NO-SHOW. Brilliant ! But it’s ok bc it’s a “veteran”, right ? LOL.”

Sky then went off on Kharma and Vicious with the following rant, “I don’t give a f*ck HOW many years someone has had in the business. If you’re a piece of sh*t, you’re a piece of sh*t.

“Being a “veteran” is not a magical pass to be a complete POS. Yall think imma bow down to someone just bc they got a lucky break ? LOL

“Those seemingly SO concerned with “respect” should worry more about those who SH*T ON THIS BUSINESS than those callin out said culprits.

“I will NEVER respect a no-show; someone who scams promotors & f*cks fans & people who actually show up to work. F*ck outta here.

“That being said, go back to smiling to my face at shows & talkin sh*t online @kharma, you FAKEASSBITCH.

“Btw, your GODDAUGHTER gives a big ol’ F*CK YOU. Cuz that’s what this is REALLY all about, right ? LOL f*ck outta here.”

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  • John Cena 2004

    If they saw each other face to face, Kharma would knock Reby’s little ass down on the ground.

  • Abudadein

    All wrestlers should take a course in social media, proper usage, and social etiquette before ever using it. Otherwise, this is the sad, sickly result.

    • Iowa_Contact

      But then we wouldn’t periodically get hilarious feuds like this on social media…

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Reby Sky just needs to shut up.

  • Shell

    Oh god.. Reby Sky.. AGAIN..

  • D.M.T

    LOL Reby Sky is such a bítch sometimes isn’t she? I kinda like that but she talks too much, she needs to shut up sometimes.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    ho ho ho bag!

  • Me

    And Reby thinks she is relevant why?

    • YM5

      because more people follow her on twitter than you

      • Me

        Considering I don’t have a twitter account, that wouldn’t be hard to do.

      • Importance judged by amount of people who read your tweets.

        I guess Reby must be more relevant than someone like Martin Luther King then right?

        What has Humanity come to?

  • tt2000

    Funny how Reby Sky is
    actually right but it doesn’t matter to you people. You just want to
    give her sh!t just because she’s a pretty model and Matt Hardy’s

    She’s right in everything she’s saying. Kharma’s shoot (and all her
    recent behaviour for that matter) was ridiculous and embarrassing and if
    Sid wants respect then he should act in a way that deserves respect.
    Just because you’re old doesn’t mean people should respect you. If you
    behave like a scumbag you SHOULD get treated like a scumbag.

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