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Recap Of Daniel Bryan’s Appearance On SportsCenter

Daniel Bryan appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter tonight (February 9th, 2016) to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE.

There was a highlight reel of the top five moments of Monday’s episode of RAW. Bryan appeared on SportsCenter via satellite and talked about his retirement from pro wrestling. He said that the retirement speech on RAW was hard for him. He said that he had 10 concussions that were documented in his career. He said that it’s impossible to actual figure out how many concussions that he has had for various reasons. He said that he had undergone several EGE tests. He said that he had some concussions that made him have seizures. He said that worst thing you can do is to work while having a concussion.

He said that he started the YES! chant to be annoying to the fans and did not start doing it to have the fans like him. Bryan said that having the entire roster come out and celebrate with him on RAW was surreal and touching. He said that he didn’t know how he got to top spot in WWE. He said that he didn’t know how he got so popular with the fans. He said that he was very fortunate to be in pro wrestling.

He said that hijacking RAW from 2013 was his favorite moment in his career. He said that he would like to help people in his next career. He said that he doesn’t need anyone to remember him, but he hopes that the fans have moments that they never forget from attending a WWE event.

Daniel Bryan thanked ESPN for having him on the show and this wrapped up the segment.

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  • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??


  • Joshua Daniel Cooke

    Please make him head trainer and coach. I see him doing that for years and thus guaranteeing the best wrestlers we will ever see for years to come. I am hoping to see a protégé similar build and style but better come out of this and so we can have back our Daniel Bryan and the future he was and is going to give us.

    • Edynol

      I would love this as well, but we don’t know if he wants to do that or not. Don’t even know if he will stay with WWE. I hope he does though. Would also love to see him judge another Tough Enough as he gave some really good advice without shooting anyone down.

      • Tiszie

        plus he lives in arizona i don’t think he would want to move to florida to be a trainer.

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