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Recap Of Natalya’s Appearance On ESPN’s SportsCenter

Natalya appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Tuesday to talk to Todd Grisham about WWE. There was a highlight reel of the top five moments of Monday’s episode of RAW.

Grisham brought up Bret Hart being in her corner when she faces Charlotte for the Women’s Title at Payback. Natalya said that Bret is a hero and him being with her at Payback means everything to her because of his recent battle with cancer. Natalya is proud of Hart and wants the fans to celebrate him at the event. She expects her match with Charlotte to be great. When asked about being apart of the Hart Family, Natalya explained that wrestling is in her blood because of her family being in wrestling for years. Natalya said that Stu Hart (her grandfather) had a dungeon in his house, which is where several wrestlers trained at. She said that the dungeon was where she got her start. 

Grisham brought up how WWE is no longer calling the women “Divas.” Natalya believes that the company is changing and is proud to have been a Divas Champion but is proud to be a part of the women’s division as well. She gave credit to Triple H for giving the women in WWE a chance. Natalya brought up her match with Charlotte in NXT a few years ago. Natalya said to have two women’s matches at WrestleMania 32 was huge, and it shows that the company has made the women important again. When asked about Total Divas, Natalya said that her family is a bit wild so she fit the show as it is a reality show. Natalya said that the show gives the fans a different look at her as a person and the other cast members.

Natalya thanked ESPN for having him on the show and this wrapped up the segment.

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