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Recap Of Roman Reigns’ Appearance On ESPN SportsCenter

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Tuesday night to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE.

Coachman asked him about him main eventing WrestleMania 32, Reigns said that WrestleMania was phenomenal and doing it back to back years was a blessing. He said that life is good. When asked about the differences between wrestling Brock Lesnar and Triple H, Reigns explained that Triple H is one of the guys who is a ring general while Lesnar is a beast and is so strong and throws you around. Reigns added that he lost to Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 but did his thing (win) against Triple H at WrestleMania 32. Coachman asked him about being the top guy in WWE. Reigns said he is the guy in WWE. Reigns added that he is excited to be the guy and credits his family for the support he has.

Coachman brought up several NXT stars getting called up to the main roster, Reigns said when he was first called up there was a lot of older guys in the locker room while now there’s a lot of new guys. He said that it’s his locker room and talent always rises to the top. Reigns think that WWE can create a lot of new stars from NXT. Coachman brought up AJ Styles, whom he faces at Extreme Rules. Reigns said that he has a lot of respect for Styles because he has wrestled all over the world. He said that they were at odds already. Reigns said that he will come out on top at Extreme Rules and expects to do special things this Sunday. Coachman asked him about his crowd reaction. He said his reactions are different from night to night, and that changes the way he performs.

Reigns thanked ESPN for having him on the show, and this wrapped up the segment.

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  • CommonSense

    The way Roman speaks, i see someone who doesnt have experience attending the job interview and lying about his work experience….

  • Omega’d

    “Reigns said he is the guy in WWE. Reigns added that he is excited to be the guy and credits his family for the support he has.”

    Ugh. *pukes*

  • Buss da 6’1

    I don’t hate Reigns but AJ winning will shock the world

  • The Shockmaster


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