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Recap Of Seth Rollins’ Appearance On ESPN SportsCenter

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Tuesday night to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE.

Coachman asked him how he was, and Rollins said that it’s great to be back. When asked about his WWE return, Rollins said that he has been waiting for that for seven months, and it was a special moment for him. Coachman asked him about his injury. Rollins explained that he didn’t feel the pain when it happened, so he just pushed through the match and finished it. He knew he had to defend the title and planned on making it through the rest of the UK tour. He thought he would be okay until he got the results back and the doctors told him how serious it was. When asked about his recovery. Rollins praised his doctor for the surgery and the rehab process. He made it back in six months and not the normal nine to twelve months.

Rollins said that he had to get back inside the ring because he missed it. Rollins explained that it was really hard for him to miss WrestleMania 32 because of the all work he has put in. He said that he is back and is not trying to dwell on it. When asked about being back in the title picture. Rollins explained that there is pressure of being a top guy and that’s where he thrives. He will just be himself and he will be champion again.

When asked about the NXT stars being on the main roster. Rollins thinks having new guys on the roster is great and that it will just make WWE better and hopes more fans will tune into the show. He can’t wait to wrestle some of the new guys. Rollins revealed that he wanted to wrestle Apollo Crews, Sami Zayn, and AJ Styles. Rollins said he wrestled Styles one time, which was ten years ago. Rollins can’t wait to wrestle Styles in a series of matches.

When asked about the status of his knee, Rollins says that his knee is 100% and is he ready to go.

Rollins thanked ESPN for having him on the show and this wrapped up the segment.

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