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Renee Young On Marrying Dean Ambrose, SmackDown’s Social Media Score

– Without much notice, Renee Young and Dean Ambrose recently got married. Renee sent out the following tweet, while Ambrose remains hush; not being much of social media user.

– SmackDown had 131,000 interactions on Twitter with 25,000 unique authors. The interaction number is up from last week, but not the authors. That had 114,000 interactions and 26,000 authors.

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  • Omega’d


    WHAT?!? The f*ck did I miss on Raw/Smackdown this week whilst away???

    • Mike

      Watch them back?

      • Omega’d

        Recorded them on Tivo but given my provider is Virgin Media, chances are the recording will have f*cked up.

        • Mike

          Yeah I’m on virgin too. I haven’t had any problems this week, hopefully alright for you.

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