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Renee Young About The Odds Of Becoming A Wrestler

Instead of asking the questions, Renee Young switched places as she was interviewed by Planeta Wrestling. They wanted to know if Young would ever trade her mic for a pair of wrestling trunks.

“Would I be open to slapping someone in the face and someone slapping me in the face? Sure,” said Young. “That would be funny, but I’ll always be a host and an announcer. I don’t really want to leave that net.”

Young has been with WWE for several years now and besides working backstage, she’s the head person for pay per view pre-shows. On occasion Young, who has a growing fanbase, will call a TV match.

The entire interview can be seen below.

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  • Zack

    I could see her getting physical to the extent that Elizabeth and Sunny were in WWE, not counting WCW though when they were in actual matches.

    • It Begins kid

      Like that backstage promo with Paige when Renee was asking Paige who attacked Natalya and Renee was blaming Paige and they almost got physical.

      • Zack

        Ummm sure? Lol I don’t remember that ?

  • jcice13

    why would she want to wrestle? and why would they want her to? unless she gets in the ring once or twice just to be a jobber in an angle with a heel there’s no win/win.she can’t be competitive because that wouldn’t make sense.having a non wrestler doing well vs a trained performer? why? but then again this is Vince we’re talking about and he did have Cole beat Lawler

  • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    the only thing i could see her doing is a story line with Lana where she constantly disrespeks (and Renee tells her put some respek on her name ?????????) her doing interviews and pre shows until Lana slap Renee after a smartass remark and leads to match or fight

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