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Renee Young Speaks On Possibly Wrestling In WWE And her WWE Network Show

WWE Network
Renee Young recently spoke with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald to promote WrestleMania 32. Here are the highlights.

On her “Unfiltered” WWE Network show:

“[Unfiltered] helped me get my feet wet. As a talent for WWE, I’m always trying to let people know what it is that I do and what I’m capable of doing, and being able to do ‘Unfiltered’ was such a great opportunity for me to show another side of ‘Renee Young’…and not only just me but everyone else, because that’s the cool thing about ‘Unfiltered’ is that everyone always comes into it very open and honest. Everyone gets to let down their walls a little bit, which is awesome. Kevin Owens comes on and is [Kevin Steen]. People getting to see what Summer Rae is actually like and Seth Rollins. Being able to do that stuff is really important to me. I love the human element of sitting down and talking to people.

“Now moving into Spring time and getting down to Dallas, we’re going to start filming again to get out some more interviews. We’re going to expand it and make it feel like a real TV show. I’ve been working on the show a little bit with some other producers to see what the new elements are going to be and how the show is going to come together. I’m so excited to have it come back and be a real show. I’m going to be so happy and proud, saying that in advance of me actually doing anything yet , but I feel good about it.”

On possibly wrestling:

“I’d definitely be open to the idea of doing a storyline in some capacity. I think it would be so fun to jump in there and do something like that. If that opportunity came along, I would go with it, but I think WWE has other things in mind for me.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Renee vs Lana paddle on a pole match

    • It Begins kid

      I’d definitely love that ??

      • jcice13

        go watch some porn

  • Zack

    A program between Rusev and Ambrose (or anybody but it’d be fun if it were Ambrose). Renee interviews Rusev and Lana like any other superstar. Lana doesn’t like her tone or question and attacks her. At the climax of the storyline, Renee shocks everyone by getting physical with Lana, whether it be an actual match or a rolling around catfight to interrupt Rusev’s match. But regardless, I think Renee could really go. She’s a real student of what she does and while people like Eva and Cameron try to become good wrestlers, Renee seems like the type to really study the craft and perfect it. She’d be exciting to watch ???

    • jcice13

      that would set the divas division back 30 years, why not make it a 3way with eva marie? that way she’d be the best in ring talent once in her career

      • Zack

        Kind of a bold statement. If anything sent the divas division back, it was Moolah, Miss Kitty, and Harvey Whippleman all holding the women’s championship in a four month span. But let’s be fair, Renee (who studies ring psychology) has never been in a match and neither has Lana. Until we see them, calling them excellent or horrible would be inevident accusations. Keep in mind, I’m not suggesting they become active wrestlers. They just get physical once or twice to light the crowd up. This is the same company that put BB in a women’s title match, briefly gave the hardcore title to one of Godfather’s hos, and put a Rosie O’Donnell lookalike in a Raw match with a Donald Trump lookalike. All bets are off on these writers when it comes to women unfortunately.

        • jcice13

          you just made my point references all the things you did from 30 years ago and it’s not a stretch to say if these 2 got in the ring it would be ugly

  • jcice13

    can she even wrestle a bit???

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