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Report from William Regal’s Comedy Show in the UK on Monday

– William Regal did a comedy event in Manchester, England at the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club on Monday after the RAW tapings. There were several hundred fans in attendance, most who came straight from RAW. The show ran from 11:30pm until 1:40am.

Several WWE Superstars were sitting upstairs in a VIP area, including Daniel Bryan, who asked Regal several questions through the night.

Regal told stories from his career and was careful not to knock anyone or comment on anyone in WWE developmental, saying it’s unfair to place pressure on them. Regarding John Cena, Regal passionately defended Cena’s position and role in the company. Regal also spoke highly of Cena as a man outside the ring, saying Cena has put money in his pocket for the last 10 years.

The promoters of the event had a similar event with Goldust scheduled for March 2014 but Goldust’s return to WWE has canceled that. Instead, a similar event with Diamond Dallas Page will take place next March in the same venue.


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  • IamLisa

    William Regal does comedy? Holy Moses.
    I’ve been listening to his commentary on NXT and I can’t recall Regal ever saying anything funny. He sucks. I have no idea who came up with the idea of giving him a spot on the commentary table. He’s just awful.

    • The Batman

      Are you still trolling?

      • FacePuncher

        She’s trying hard, bless her. Probably just existing off all those past times when she’d start an argument that went for 40 or so comments and now people just go ‘meh, heard it all before’

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