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Report: TNA Talents Reaching Out To Other Top Promotions For Work

As noted, TNA officials canceled the late October live events, which would have been the October 29th in Thibodaux, October 30th in New Orleans, October 31st in Baton Rouge, and November 1st in Biloxi, MS. The event on October 30th in New Orleans was set to be a TV taping.

In an update, the reason for the live events being canceled was because poor ticket sales. TNA blamed it on logistical problems, and that the advances in ticket sales were fine, but, in fact, they were not.

TNA told the talents last Friday (October 9th, 2015) that they were getting partial pay for the dates, “although not a lot.” Sources at WWE, Lucha Underground, New Japan, and AAA all confirmed getting phone calls from some TNA talents inquiring about the possibility of coming in.

Lucha Underground and AAA reportedly want talent that already has experience in the Lucha style.


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  • TheMAG

    Which is why Samoa Joe,Bully Ray and James Storm joined WWE because TNA is just a terrible place to work with at the moment.

    • YoMommasMan

      It’s a shame too I really woulda liked to see them grow into the next WCW

      • TheMAG

        They are now the WCW of 2001.

  • Trey Doss

    one thing vince has learned is the no contract clause or something where you have to wait 3 months to go to another promotion that’s in the united states

    • blove112

      Tna has the clause in their contracts. It may not seem that way because they usually tape their broadcasts well in advance.

  • Joseph Ruiz

    Hardy Boyz the time is now come back to WWE

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