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Report: Vince McMahon Not Happy That Lana And Rusev’s Engagement Was Made Public

WWE did know about Lana and Rusev being engaged before TMZ broke the news this past weekend. However, Vince McMahon wasn’t happy it got out to the public as he feels talents should maintain their character and current storylines in public.

In past instances, WWE only mentions the media source that broke the story if they feed the story to them first and have a good relationship with them.


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  • Bite Me You Loser

    So what Vince can’t ignore it like he does with everything else?

  • Captain Kamikaze

    Meanwhile all the fans are delighted it came out because maybe now we can pair Lana and Rusev back up and forget this RusevZiggler thing ever happened.

    • YoMommasMan

      I hope so

  • Starman

    Well we’ve seen faces & heels happily posing together on their instagram’s for a long while. I guess Vince doesn’t know what that is yet. Similar interactions on their twitters too. Maybe they should have a real account and a kayfabe account to keep Vince happy.

  • Matt G

    It’s not like this is news…..they’ve been a couple for a long time…..don’t pretend on tv that they aren’t together because everyone knows they are

  • Mike

    I don’t blame Vince, i wouldn’t be happy if I were him. It’s one thing to be couple and celebrate it, however when p

    • Joseph Lisnow

      social media kills kayfabe.

      • YoMommasMan

        No Kevin Dunn kills kayfabe

    • YoMommasMan

      Valid points but with a woman that fine I wouldn’t want a guy kissing my girl especially to keep up some kayfabe storyline to feed Vince’s ego. I think Vince is low key hating

      • Mike

        I see what your are saying. However they are actors and both Were kissing others. Actors do that. The difference Is wwe need to maintain some shred of reality, if they are all over social media showing off their engagement then the storyline is dead. It’s not just Vince hating, it is two employees who didn’t do their job correctly. Why do they even need to shout it on social media. Tell friends and family, other than that who cares if strangers know.

  • Michael King

    I liked seeing Lana with Ziggler ?

    • MEH

      I like seeing Lana full stop! Even if she was with Hornswoggle. But honestly did you not see how uncomfortable the whole thing was and how there was absolute no chemistry with Ziggler and Lana? Even Ru-Ru (sorry had to) and Summer?

      • Michael King


      • Michael King

        I liked seeing Lana in jeans

        • Joseph Lisnow

          jeans, skirt, dress, shorts. it’s all good with Lana.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    It’s a good thing. Lana and Rusev both lost their stock when they split. Bring them back together. When something works, RUN with it until it stops working, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  • CommonSense

    Is Vince happy with their recent ratings..? Is he concerned that the fans dont like his product now-a-days..?

  • MEH

    Ok Vince I have a solution, put Steph with Dolph and do a storyline off him setting up home with Steph and the kids, whilst HHH is consoled by a returning Chyna…… Nah not going to happen!

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