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Rey Mysterio Update, Special Referee Turns on Zayn, Breeze

– WWE NXT trainer Billy Gunn worked last night’s NXT live event in Daytona as the special referee for the main event. He turned on Sami Zayn, allowing Bo Dallas to retain the NXT Title.

– NXT star Tyler Breeze worked last night’s WWE live event in Knoxville, Tennessee. He lost to Justin Gabriel. Breeze cut a heel promo before the match but was met with “WHAT!” chants from the fans.

– As noted, Rey Mysterio’s first match back was on Thursday night in Guadalajara as he teamed with Sin Cara to defeat Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett. It was noted by fans in attendance that while Rey carried most of the match for his team, you could still see how he was trying to protect his knee. Rey is expected to return to WWE TV next week.

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  • Trey Doss


  • Maddox

    Hope he and Sin Cara can reform their Tag Team

  • Poppy’s Hammer

    Bets are on who will injury themselves first, Rey or Sin Cara.


      My money is on rey

  • [B]ANExx

    So, despite being out for a year and having his first match back, Rey was relied upon to carry the match… says it all about Sin Cara, send his useless ass back to Mexico…

    I have heard all the excuses ‘he doesn’t work with big guys’, ‘he needs other luchadores to look good’ blah blah blah, fact is, he botches, even when he is the ONLY one moving – slipping from ropes etc. does’t matter WHO he is jumping on.

    The simple truth is he was employed to work an AMERICAN wrestling promotion, so if he can’t work an AMERICAN style, he needs to go.

    SUCH a ‘waste’ of his supposed talent, he should go back to AAA or wherever he was before.

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