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Rey Mysterio Return Update, WWE’s YouTube Subscribers, Wrestling Break-ups

– WWE has reached two million subscribers on their YouTube channel as of this past Monday.

– A journalist who recently broke up with his girlfriend published an article about pro wrestling break-ups.

– As reported earlier, Rey Mysterio will return to WWE at this weekend’s house show event in Hidalgo, Texas.

WWE is running live events in Hidalgo on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, however Mysterio is being billed for “one night only” at Saturday’s event at The State Farm Arena.

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  • Chelsii?

    No wonder they broke up, he looks like a nerd version of Jack Swagger.

    • John Cena 2004

      LMFAO he does xD

    • stevewiser

      And I’m sure you’re a beauty queen

      • Chelsii?

        Aw, thanks.. but it doesn’t change the fact.

  • SdotC

    I got half-way through the article… typical pointless semi-professional wrestling article, coupled with pining over his love, pouring his achy breaky heart out for all of us in the least macho, most dorky way possible to feign acceptance of his loss.

    And yeah, he looks like a total nerd, and his buck teeth must’ve made her uncomfortable if he ever had the courage and/or prowess to visit her downstairs. Lol.

    Idk why I felt the need to sht on this guy so bad, but he just came across like a major sap, sobbingly telling himself “At least insert__wrestler’s__name__here knows what I’m going through… *sniff*… I feel your pain, man!”

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